Times of Crisis Demands Great Leadership

There Are Times of Crisis That Demand Great Leadership – And This is One of them


There are crossroads in our life when we can quite easily turn left or turn right turn around or go forward. We can clearly see which way to go. But the problem is that many of us do not see how to find the easy paths… and don’t want to take the difficult paths. So we get sedentary and don’t make a decision or a change. We head in the same direction we’re going.

However, there are times of crisis, either personal or global that demand different directions, and often quickly. If we recognize the need we move on it grab it.

What I believe is that we are the leaders of our lives. We steer the bus, the boat, the car. We can take the slow road or the fast route. We can allow circumstances to push us or pull or OR, we can go in our own direction.


Living in a Pandemic


I teach the skills of leadership … what makes leaders great? Is it knowledge of their field, or their world? Is it telling others what to do or not do? OR, is it taking charge of their own direction, their own life and that of their workplace?

When I work with executives, I help them enhance their skills of empathy, compassion, authenticity, genuineness, and more. I help them relate to others from a “human” approach … one that enables them to develop caring and connection. I ask if they are not only empathetic to others but do they have empathy and compassion for themselves? Are they humble and open? Do they tell themselves the truth? Do they reach out authentically and share themselves, with humility, in a time of need?


Two Opportunities to Develop These Skill Now:


#1 In the world of the pandemic, people are scrambling for how to “be” in the world. Do they follow the rules of effective safety (masks, distance, hand washing) or do they take it into their own hands and do as they wish without regard to others? Do they empathetically care for their co-workers, friends, family?

#2 In the world of Cancer and Serious Illness in the workplace, something that impacts about 50% of the workforce, is there enough empathy and concern and support for them? People with illness deal with that in addition to COVID. They are often chronic in their symptoms, in pain, and now dealing with extra fear as well. Yet, they love to work, feel purposeful, AND need the understanding of the people they work for.

Overall, in the workplace, it’s about restoring the sense of humanity … caring, giving, so as to get the best from others and about building the business on respect and on validation, and not just on demands.

It is about bringing humanity into the workplace. Period.

In life, it’s about helping people see clearly what’s working, what’s not working, and what they want to be different in their lives.

In both, it’s about helping them develop and live lives of passion. It’s about getting up in the morning and loving what they do.


Take a moment and think about these final questions for yourself. (Feel free to use them with others)


  1. What are my passions and are they being fulfilled?
  2. Where will I go at the fork in the road?
  3. Am I reserved/ and laid back and don’t lean into change?
  4. Or, am I willing to take another path … one that calls me? Stretches me? AND, remember: 

“It’s not always the easy route, or direction or thought, but it might be the sustaining one, the passionate one, the one to follow!”

Ann recently launched  http://www.workplacecancercoaches.com that offers to coach for employees with major serious illness. 


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Ann Fry

Ann Fry, MSW, PCC has been working within organizations as a change management specialist and a leadership coach. She is known for creating change through chaos. She disrupts systems so they can then reboot and shift. She is also a cancer survivor who coaches high-level individuals thru their cancer (or other serious illness) issues as they struggle to balance work, family and career. She recently launched http://www.workplacecancercoaches that offers coaching for employees with major serious illness. It is very new and in the process of launching. She is a regular blogger for Workology.


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