Affirmations For Adventuring Through Adversity and Thriving

Adventuring Through Adversity and Thriving   Tips to Remember for the Adventure   – It’s okay to be scared and lost, confused, unclear, bewildered and cry … but not all the time.     – You are NOT your body – Tend to your Mindset  – Don’t COMPARE  – Illness is a state of mind […]

Times of Crisis Demands Great Leadership

There Are Times of Crisis That Demand Great Leadership – And This is One of them   There are crossroads in our life when we can quite easily turn left or turn right turn around or go forward. We can clearly see which way to go. But the problem is that many of us do […]

The New Normal: Facing Challenges in HR With Illnesses

Although we are experiencing the worst plague that any of us have ever seen, there is still the reality that other “killer” diseases could also exist simultaneously. We could catch the virus, so for “high risk” people, like me, that is scary. However, life does go on for us, which includes having those other major […]

Resilience at Work: Turning Personal Challenges into Strengths

examples of resilience and how to turn personal challenges into strengths

You Can’t See Within the Fog You know when it’s foggy, I mean really foggy outside? It’s tough. You just can’t see anything. It’s hard to drive, hard to walk up the street, etc. If you need to work outside, you just have to wait it out. If you’re trying to get someplace, you have […]