Affirmations For Adventuring Through Adversity and Thriving

Adventuring Through Adversity and Thriving


Tips to Remember for the Adventure


– It’s okay to be scared and lost, confused, unclear, bewildered and cry … but not all the time.    

– You are NOT your body

– Tend to your Mindset 

– Don’t COMPARE 

– Illness is a state of mind

– You are the Director of your life   

– Go with the flow     

– Get support – you need it

– Tap into your sense of humor … tap it often.    


– It’s okay to be scared and lost, confused, unclear, bewildered and to cry … but not all the time.


– Practice “non-attachment” … Allow things to progress the way they do

– Embrace the “New Normal”     

– Ask W N M? … Why Not Me?  (remember .. you are NOT a victim)

– Tap into your humility – Ask for and ACCEPT and RECEIVE help from others

– Be persistent in getting what you need – it’s okay to be selfish

– Laugh and smile … it really helps •


THRIVE vs. just Survive


– Repeat often: I Am A Thriver

– Live your life FULLY!   

– Breathe, slowly and again

– Meditate

– Journal     

– Have “mantras” that you say to yourself.

– Be good to yourself

– Pay it Forward     

-Live for the BESTS

– Be defined by: who you are, what you do, those who love you and who you love

– Focus on what SUSTAINS you – purpose, family, friends, love and yourself

Remember… If Ann can do it, then you can do it and when all else fails:  there’s always CHOCOLATE


I’m launching, a concierge group of coaches/ therapists to work with illness in the workplace.

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Ann Fry

Ann Fry, MSW, PCC has been working within organizations as a change management specialist and a leadership coach. She is known for creating change through chaos. She disrupts systems so they can then reboot and shift. She is also a cancer survivor who coaches high-level individuals thru their cancer (or other serious illness) issues as they struggle to balance work, family and career. She recently launched http://www.workplacecancercoaches that offers coaching for employees with major serious illness. It is very new and in the process of launching. She is a regular blogger for Workology.

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