Recruiting & HR Entrepreneurs: Stop Doing These Four Things to Your Business Cards

 Like most of us who are business owners, business cards are often our most favorite and popular marketing and sales engagement tool. I have a stack of them on my desk that need to be scanned. And here’s the problem – they suck. I don’t want to scan them. I want to shred them. This is why.

HR Folks: Stop Doing This to Your Business Cards

  • Not Including Your Name on Your Business Card.  I’m not a magician or a mind reader but recently I encountered several business owners in HR whose names were not on the card. Oh, I’m sorry. You didn’t hear me? I said, the consultant’s name is NOT ON THE CARD. I was hoping this was a mistake but it has happened on several occasions as of recent. Make sure your full name is included on the business card so I can learn more about you as well as know how you address you. 
  • Take Advantage of the Entire Card.  Your business isn’t one sided but why is your card? Your business card includes the consultant’s name, email, phone number, website, Twitter handle, LinkedIn address and Facebook address. I have a QR code on your business card to scan, a description of what she does and a link to an opt-in for a free checklist. Great, right? Wrong. The font is a size 4. When someone has to squint to determine how to contact you, you’ve branded yourself poorly. What is worse is the back of the card is blank. What a missed opportunity!
  • Make Your Business Card Easy to Read. This HR consultant is highly creative; artistic in fact. The bright colors of their business card prevent me from seeing the contact information. Maybe your readers is color blind and can’t read your green or red business card. Consider all this options making your business card readable for everyone and one that doesn’t require a cryptic or having a decoder ring to read. 

HR and Recruiting Business Card Do’s

Business cards of the in person networking currency. It’s the best way to help solidify the relationship and your chance encounter. If you are like me that stack of business cards stares you in the eye silently judging you when you walk into your office because you need to follow up with those new contacts and soon. Consider the fact that your new contacts also feel the same way. Ninety-nine percent of business cards exchanged don’t have any follow up. Here are some ways to make your business card so memorable that you’ll have those new contacts banging down the door…

  • Be memorable. But remember, being memorable does not matter if I don’t know how to reach you. 
  • Make sure your card has your picture on it. We process pictures much faster than data and pictures imprint on our brain longer than written words.
  • Heavy weight, textured or embossed paper is worth every dollar you spend. Why? Because it engages the senses. The receiver will automatically touch it and keep touching it. This is another way your information will imprint on your buyer’s brain.
  • Avoid the glossy finish on your business card. Okay. This is not a “do,” it’s a “don’t.” But it’s important to include: avoid a glossy finish – it’s too difficult for people to write on. If you just love glossy, make one side of your card glossy and the other side matte.

There are many ways you will be branding yourself in your business and business cards is just one of them. In our class…. we will be teaching you all about branding yourself unforgettably. Business cards are one small piece of effectively marketing and selling in recruiting and HR industries.

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Alicia Maples

Alicia (Arenas) Maples is a former HR executive since launching her own business coaching practice 9 years ago has worked with companies such as Disney, Rackspace, and Dish Network. She specializes in sales and product positioning.


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