Putting Data Behind DE&I Enables Organizations To Make Real Change

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a topic that has grown in the national conversation so much so that positive changes in our society are beginning to become more and more prevalent. Companies everywhere have increased their focus on the topic as well, with varying levels of success. 

Philadelphia-based Talent Management and HR Consulting firm CCI Consulting has developed a DE&I Maturity Model to help organizations evaluate where they stand as an inclusive workplace, set goals for where they want to go, and develop a path to get there. 

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DE&I Maturity Model


When asked how this model originated, CCI’s Director of Learning & Organizational Effectiveness Mark Saddic said, “DEI is not a training initiative, it’s culture change. Without alignment from the top of the organization, there would be no sustainability. As such, we needed to find a way to engage in a conversation that allowed our clients to get a realistic sense of where they stood today as an inclusive workplace so that they could set goals and establish priorities based on reality, not on perception.” 

Saddic went on to say, “Anchored in our Maturity Model, we created an organizational assessment that uses a balanced scorecard to produce a point-in-time index score that can be used to gauge progress.”

Essentially, CCI’s DE&I Culture Assessment takes the temperature of where the organization stands in their current state so that they can clearly identify where they want to go.

Saddic says that the DE&I Maturity Model and culture index educates company leaders on where they stand based on real data so that they can move the conversation forward. It allows businesses to refine their goals and priorities and coalesce around the level of workplace inclusivity they desire.

In addition to the index score, the output of the assessment provides suggested actions leaders can take to “move the dial” forward. “We know we are being successful when leaders of organizations realize that their journey is a 5 or 7-year strategy instead of trying to just do it more quickly to check off all the boxes. So, it allows for the alignment sessions to be more focused while at the same time setting a realistic amount of time to achieve success,” said Saddic.

“It enables companies to define what they want to prioritize,” said Saddic. “The differentiator for our maturity model, as opposed to others that are out there, is the accompanying culture assessment that provides the index score and recommended actions. That’s the linchpin to this that makes it all work and makes it applicable.”


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To learn more about CCI Consulting’s DE&I Maturity Model, email us at info@cciconsulting.com. We welcome an opportunity to share our insight with your organization!

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