New to HR? Location, Location, Location

new to hr? why location matters

You’ve found the perfect job, except for one little minor detail. It’s in another city or state and the commute would be horrendous every day. Location is very important to the job search, sometimes you can’t just think of you. Families, school, even simple things like doctors offices can all be hard to leave. How can you get your brand new company to work with you?

New to HR? Location, Location, Location 

Be open and honest about the commute issues and allow them to put some options on the table. The option might be for you to find something else, but these are the type of benefits those millennials are looking for in the workplace. While your company might not be able to pay for your relocation, they might be willing to let you be a remote worker a few days of the week.

Be Responsible

If your employer does decide to give you the chance to be a remote worker, don’t slack on your duties. The ultimate goal might be for you to only fill that role as a remote worker for a few months and then make the move to the company headquarters. It could also be that they keep it as a remote job. Either way, you are still responsible for getting to know your employees, understanding the needs of the teams, and getting to know your boss and coworkers.

Be Patient

Because you’re not only new to the company, but also to your role in HR, you may have to endure that hourly commute for a while to prove what you can bring to the company. While we do want great benefits, every company won’t be able to offer them outright. Being a newbie in any position means you have to prove that the company made the right decision by hiring you. If this is really the perfect job, you’ll deal with the commute while making other arrangements.

Why Location Matters

How can you get your company to pay for relocation or let you work from home as a newbie? By being open and honest, communicating what fears you have, and listening to the issues the company might feel it will cause. Bringing this up during your interview, before being hired, is also another great way for the company to understand your needs in the new role. Whatever you do, don’t expect your company to volunteer to make these arrangements for you. Go to them with the problem and the solution.

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