[INFOGRAPHIC] Using Twitter During #SXSW for Recruiters

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Earlier last week we showed you how to properly recruit at conferences like SXSW and today we’re bringing back our infographic from last year to give some basic tips on how to use Twitter during bigger conferences. Twitter hashtags for the 2014 SXSW Interactive Media Conference and every SXSW are easy.  There’s #SXSW#SXSWI and#techcareerexpo but how exactly do you use Twitter to it’s full use and why?

Benefits in using twitter at #SXSW

Twitter offers easy access to candidates and passive job seekers who are looking for their next big opportunity. If they’re paying for the ticket they’re usually pretty serious about their search. Use Twitter to search out candidates using specific hashtags. Not attending the conference? No problem. The beauty of Twitter is you can follow the conversation no matter where you are. Video interviewing platforms offer no-hassle ways to interview candidates when you’re not in the same city. Job seekers are activity using twitter in bigger ways than every before.

Twitter calls these searching and recruiting shortcuts described above as “search operators” as they make our searching job easier. Think of them as the boolean search of Twitter without the boolean altogether.

twitterhacks-recruiting (1)

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