Increase Your HR Salary – One Sure-Fire Way to Hike Your HR Pay in Tough Times

Ways To Rise Your HR Pay in Tough Times

In a competitive economy, one way to set yourself apart from the rest of the Human Resources pack and increase your HR salary is by being the one person in your organization who is consistently bringing new ideas to the party.

Believe, I’m no genius. But, I’ve advanced my HR career and my pay — in good times and bad — based on an obsessive compulsive desire to learn and using that desire to learn to bring in new HR programs or ideas. Human Resources is too dynamic a field to be stagnant. If you think you can skate by on just being an executer of the the same old tired, pre-established HR programs in your company, without bringing new ideas and thought leadership to the party, you’re grossly mistaken. And your HR salary will remain where it is.

Ways To Rise Your HR Pay in Tough Times

For example, we’re only at the infant stages of online technology and it’s impact on HR, and it promises to completely change not only HR — but the way we think about HR. There are all kinds of technology innovations that will make HR work better, faster and simpler. If you’re not aware of these or helping to bring these into your organization, you’ll get left behind. And so will your HR salary.

One of my mentors once told me that: “HR is nothing but a grocery store with products to help organizations get better results through people”. So it stands to reason that the more HR products you have in YOUR grocery store that can get results, the more valuable you are as an HR professional in your organization. And you can only increase the number of products in your store by learning and growing your skills. And increase your pay as well

With all this in mind, here’s one thing you should to set the stage for an increase in your HR salary.

Invest more time in your own know-how and self-improvement. Become the person in your organization that is learning faster than anyone else. Beef up your HR competencies regularly by attending conferences, training sessions, pursuing certifications, enrolling in courses that will give you an edge at the workplace. Join local or national HR professional organizations to show that you’re plugged in and serious about your performance.

Also, join organizations that can enhance relevant non-HR sills. For example, if you think your leadership and presentation skills can use improvement, take the opportunity to attend training that your company puts on. Or join a local Toastmasters’ group. Upper management often gives the biggest salary increases to those who not only perform well, but to who can bring to the table extra skills that are useful.

This is one of many career strategies you should take to not only increase your HR salary but to recession-proof your HR career during tough times.

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