Implementing Corporate Culture Values into the Role of Human Resources

Corporate values are an integral part of any great company’s culture and as Human Resources, we  provide better support to our internal clients (aka employees) when implementing these company’s values into our daily role.  What are this Chick’s pick for values that should be implemented by HR?

Including Corporate Culture Values into Human Resources

  • Every client. Every time.  No exceptions.  No excuses. –  Sending the rejection email, telling someone you don’t know the answer and will research it, or holding for hours on the phone with the benefits company; HR has to deliver some tough news and it’s important we support all of our clients.  Quicken Loans has built this into their “Isms” and there’s no excuse why HR shouldn’t “wow” their clients every time.
  • Do more with less. – The annual employee appreciation budget rolls out and it’s less than your monthly grocery budget.  Zappos knows the value of doing more with less and HR needs to know the value of making a dollar out of a dime.
  • Full disclosure and Transparency – Setting a salary compensation plan, predicting the growth of the company, and preparing employee’s for layoffs; Rackspace values running around in their birthday suit and HR needs to get as naked as they legally can with employees.
  • Continuous Improvement – CHG strives to continually improve all that they do and as HR we should challenge ourselves to continuously be vehicles of positive change and growth.
  • We care and give back – PTO is out and VTO is in at Great Places to Work like Intuit.  As HR, we need to speak fluent in volunteerism.  Team building, culture, and employee engagement can all be improved by giving someone else some HR compliant love.

As Human Resources we need to “deal” with employees less and value their contributions more by providing amazing internal customer support.  What values does your Human Resources team adopt to kick up your corporate culture game?  Holla!

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Stephanie Krieg

Stephanie Krieg aka HRChick is the Founder of HR Culture Club. She is a corporate culture consultant, who makes work fun while gettin' sh*t done. In her spare time, she enjoys club hopping, bottle popping, and online shopping. Connect with Stephanie.

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