How The iGaming Industry Has Led The Charge Towards Remote Working

The term ‘iGaming’ in the iGaming industry refers to the various forms of online gambling industries that currently exist, where people can place real money wagers online for the outcomes of certain events. The same umbrella term also extends to cover several other online sectors, such as fantasy sports, eSports betting, binary trading, cryptocurrency trading, and sports betting. 

These different industries have directly led the charge towards the modern trend of working remotely. Let’s take a look at why this has happened. 

What does remote working mean?

Ever since the first lockdowns were imposed on people at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the term remote working or work from home (WFH) has become more commonly used than ever before. In simple terms, remote working means to work from anywhere. However, most people tend to work remotely from home, and when working remotely, you remove the need to ever visit the office, the retail store, warehouse, or other building that is used as the company’s headquarters or place of work. This has changed traditional working culture and management structures, especially as the majority of some teams are all remote.

How can people in the iGaming industry work remotely?

The iGaming industry is one of a growing number of industries where employers and employees can work from almost any location in the world. For example, an online casino, online sports betting site, or online poker room isn’t a physical place, so there’s no need for doormen/security, toilet cleaners or janitors, pit bosses, croupiers/dealers, managers, control room/camera operatives, desk clerks, or anyone else that it usually takes to run the day-to-day operations of a bricks and mortar gambling venue, such as a hotel & casino, sports betting shop, poker venue, or bingo hall. 

Everything that a top online gambling site offers today, from the backend to the front end, can be worked/operated on remotely. For example, tech issues can be resolved remotely, and player support questions and issues can be resolved remotely. There’s no physical place for the staff to visit, which is why everyone who works for one of these websites can carry out their tasks remotely. 

Why has the iGaming industry experienced such enormous growth?

There are several reasons why the iGaming industry has experienced such rapid and enormous growth over the past ten or so years, and much of this can be put down to the incredible advances in technology that have been made. Just ten years ago, we couldn’t have imagined how much live dealer casino games and online casino games, in general, would advance. 

Governments have also become more relaxed towards gambling online for real money, with more and more countries allowing various forms of online gambling at state-licensed gambling sites. However, in most countries, there are also currently no laws that prevent players from gambling at offshore-based gambling sites that are controlled by foreign operators, which means that even more people have access to more real money gambling sites than ever before. 

The companies that offer online gambling services are, in a sense, selling a dream and not a physical product. They have very few overheads to worry about, apart from the obvious, such as staff wages, so there’s little wonder as to why they are making such vast sums of money. Also, with the reasons stated above, it’s obvious why this particular industry has led the charge toward remote gambling. 

People from certain other industries simply cannot work remotely. For example, a delivery driver for UPS, FedEx or DPD, or a Mcdonald’s food technician couldn’t work from home, a street sweeper couldn’t work from home either, and the list goes on. 

What to look out for when visiting an iGaming site

If you’re looking to gamble in the real money mode on your favorite eSports team or football team, place a wager on a horse, play poker, blackjack, or roulette, you should always look for a reputable site that’s controlled by a trustworthy operator with a proven track record. Also, check that the gambling site is fully licensed by a trusted authority and that it is powered by renowned software providers. You can read reviews for any sites that you may have your eye on, and then you can cross-reference these reviews with other reviews. You also need to check that they accept your preferred payment methods and currency and that they provide some kind of support for registered members. 

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