Hues Consulting Gives Closure to Job Seekers, Relief to Recruiters & a Boost to Employer Brands

Atlanta, GA – July 5, 2011 – Job Seekers are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more!

Hues Consulting Gives Closure to Job Seekers, Relief to Recruiters & a Boost to Employer Brands

Let’s face it, the current job market sucks. Frustrated candidates feel ignored and disrespected by hiring companies. Recruiters are overwhelmed and are not making things better by not communicating with candidates. Employment brands (including the well-known) are suffering and causing damage to the overall brand.

Hues Consulting & Management Inc. (, a global recruitment consulting firm based in Atlanta, has created a solution to bring the human element back to recruiting and provide some relief to overworked recruiters. The Recruiter Response Team™ allows companies outsource their candidate follow-up obligations, close the gap in communication AND preserve their employment brand. Whether candidates have just applied for a position, or they’ve gone through the interview process, Response Agents provide feedback and close the loop with candidates about the disposition of their candidacy. They give the much needed personal touch that busy Recruiters can’t give, and candidates long for.

Even in a good job market, you are lucky if a company sends an automated “we received your resume” email acknowledgement. For some, it’s the only communication they get from a company. But most people get no acknowledgement whatsoever. It’s even worse for candidates who have gone through the interview process and receives nothing for their time other than a “counter letter” telling them they didn’t make the cut. Just take a look at any of the comments left by frustrated job seekers on career articles on blogs and news outlets and you will see that people are fed up with the (lack of) communication. They feel disrespected and ignored. It seems companies are forgetting that human element.

“As a recruiter, I see the struggles that recruiters have in maintaining communication with the enormous amounts of candidates that apply for open positions each day. On average, most positions get at least 50-100 applicants within the first day of posting a position! That number goes up each week the longer a position is left posted” says Adrienne Graham Founder & CEO, and author of Corporate Recruiting Diva. “Over worked recruiters have a high number of requisitions that they work on at any given time. They don’t always have the luxury of being able to respond to each and every candidate. But that’s no excuse and can damage an employer’s brand”.

Candidates in this unstable job market are increasingly becoming more fed up and disillusioned with the recruiting process. They are tired of submitting resumes and applications without sometimes ever hearing a response from the company. It’s hard enough not hearing anything when you first submit an application. But to go through the entire recruiting process and not hear a peep from recruiters is beyond frustrating…it’s rude.

The Recruiter Response Team service takes the burden of closing the loop off of recruiters’ plate and gives candidates closure (along with respect and dignity) so they know not only when it’s time to move on, but also what they can do better going forward with other interviews and also leaving the door open to have them come back and apply for opportunities later on. It helps build and strengthen the employment brand and builds (good) relationships with candidates (and possibly turn them into a source for referrals.

For more information or a consultation, please contact us (866) 779-4830.

About Hues Consulting & Management Inc:

Hues Consulting & Management Inc ( is a boutique diversity recruitment consulting firm specializing in Contract & Project Recruiting, Interim Executive Placement, Diversity Recruiting, Retained Executive Search, Process Development, Strategy Consulting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Recruiter Training, Sourcing Services, Candidate Response Services, Employment Branding and ATS Implementation. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we are a fast growing firm with clients throughout the United States and abroad. We serve companies that are fully funded start ups, small to mid sized companies on a growth pattern and larger (including Fortune 500) companies specializing in technology, manufacturing, engineering, finance, biotechnology, aviation, energy & power, environmental, paper & pulp, water/wastewater, mining, chemical & petro, sports and healthcare. Our mission is to deliver top diverse talent so our clients can retain & cultivate them within their organization to compete in a globally diverse society; prepare companies to successfully compete for talent through improved recruitment strategies and processes; and help recruiters improve their craft and add value to their company.

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