Should You Fly Your Freak Flag Online?

Using online Tools to Fly your Freak Flag

We all have a creative side.  Some embrace it more than others, but hopefully you have found at least a few passions in your life.  I speak about those who tinker with an old car, enjoy knitting, photography, or pottery in their spare time.  These folks have learned to negotiate the mythical work / life balance that most do not attain.

In short, they aren’t afraid to fly their freak flag.

Should You Fly Your Freak Flag Online?


Creative types also have detractors; namely corporate culture.  Recruiters and HR practitioners are the guardians of their business culture and Talent Management.  Under a magnifying glass an eccentric train collection could be viewed as an unhealthy obsession, pet lovers become crazy cat ladies, and video game fans morph into 40 year old virgins.  It is safe to say that many choose to keep their passion under wraps for fear of emotional reprisal.

So, in this era of social media you may be surprised to hear I encourage everyone to share part of their passion with the world (especially job seeker’s).  I have found that the line between passion and unhealthy obsession is wide for the vast majority of adults.  I also find that passionate people do supremely high quality work, with an analytical mindset matched with the focus to complete what they start.  These are the people I want to be working with and so should you.

What do you think?  Do you or should fly your freak flag using online tools like social media?

Aaron Lintz is a guest blogger at Blogging4Jobs.  He has worked in human resources, recruiting, and consultative services for over 10 years.  His refreshing opinions are his alone.  Follow his twitter @aaronlintz and visit Aaron’s latest passion – Fostering conversations for parents and kids to enjoy music together.

**A message from Jessica. . . I love Aaron’s article and I wanted to share with you an Ignite video that further supports this subject from Joe Gerstandt called “Fly It.  The What the Why, and the How of Freak Flag Flying.”

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