How to Reach HR & Recruiting with Social Media

HR and Social Recruiting Talent Webinar

How to Reach HR & Recruiting with Social Media


Working as a corporate HR professional for many, many years, my typical day went something like this:

8:00-9:00ish Arrive to work.  Check emails and answer calls.

9:00–12:00 Attend conference calls or manager meetings.

12:o0-1:00 Lunch at my desk.  Check emails and answer calls.

1:00-5:00 More meetings, conference calls about conference calls, or candidate recruiting

5:00-6:00 Answer calls.  Check emails.

Yawn. . .

This was my life for nearly eleven years with the occasional crisis to spice things up of the HR variety.  Like the time an illegal immigrant who was working in my store tried to bribe me not to fire him.  Or the time when one of my candidates background checks came back as a 95 year old male who had recently passed away.  Even better yet, the random poop smearer that seemed to mysteriously materialize in the men’s bathroom and only at the end of a bad sales quarter.  Yes, that was my life.

In between the ups and downs, the day, and current state of the economy, it was not uncommon for me to receive 3 solicitation emails and 3 voicemail messages from HR Service Provides like third part recruiters, staffing agencies, training consultants, and background check companies.  If you’re working with a Fortune 50 company it’s even worse.  In fact, I know HR professionals who don’t include their direct phone line for fear of being sold — to death.

There’s a different way. . . with social media.

I’m pretty excited to be hosting a webinar for HR Solution Providers on June 21st, 2011 at 11 AM CST.  Join us for a FREE  webinar titled How To Reach HR & Recruiting with Social Media. We’ll discuss how HR Consultants and Service Provider can engage HR practitioners and recruiters using the different types and social media platforms.

Learn how Human Resources, Recruiting, Talent Management consultants  and service providers can engage, network, and build relationships with these influential professionals, HR Bloggers, and decision makers online with social media.  Learn from some of the top online HR and Recruiting leaders how to develop relationships and engage HR online.  Learn best practices, tips, and suggestions for HR vendors and their marketing teams directly from the mouth of panel of HR practitioners.

Webinar features the top HR and Social Recruiting Talent:

Kris Dunn, (@kris_dunn) the HR Capitalist and creator of Fistful of Talent

Craig Fisher, (@fishdogs) known as Fishdogs and VP Ajax Social Media

William Tincup, (@williamtincup) co-host of leading HR radio show Drive Thru HR

Jessica Miller-Merrell, (@blogging4jobs) known as Blogging4Jobs and CEO of Xceptional HR

Collectively this group boasts no less than 8 blogs and 150,000 social media connections.  Our esteemed panel will be sharing the social media secrets for HR Service Providers to engage, establish relationships, and sell to HR.  Registration is free.  You can follow along on Twitter with the hash tag #hrsolutions.  Webinar attendees will receive pdf copies of the presentation available after the session.

Learn how to build relationships with the more than 4,000 active HR professionals on Twitter, hundreds of HR bloggers and other industry influencers.  We’d love to have you.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell is the founder of Workology, a digital resource that reaches more than a half million HR and workplace leaders each month and host of the Workology Podcast. Jessica lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, daughter, and an assortment of furry family members.


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