How to Increase Candidate Closing and Talent Start Metrics with Recruiting Automation

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The current job market is fierce. 

Not only are employers having a hard time filling open positions, but candidates are getting multiple offers. Employers are having to fight for the best candidates, making hiring a war for talent.

How to Increase Candidate Closing and Talent Start Metrics with Recruiting Automation


Some employers are resorting to offering incentives like cryptocurrency simply for showing up to an interview, in addition to hiring bonuses.

While these bonuses can be a good start to attracting candidates, they can be wasted if the hiring process takes too long.

One tool we have found that improves the hiring process is recruiting automation technology, particularly when scheduling interviews. Automated scheduling tools can improve the hiring outlook beyond offering incentives.

Use a Scheduling Tool to Improve Recruiting Automation


With a faster talent acquisition process, everyone wins. Businesses spend less money on recruitment, and candidates are happier with a shorter hiring and on-boarding process.

In the 2021 Candidate Expectations Report, 62% of upper-level candidates reported having abandoned a job prospect because of scheduling delays. 

Not only does a slow hiring process make it more difficult to find talented employees, but it can affect the reputation of a business. This same study showed that applicants may form a negative impression of a business if the interview scheduling process is not completed within a week. The rate increases to 77% of respondents if it takes up to two weeks.

Without automation, recruiting departments must coordinate schedules among multiple people, including the candidate, hiring manager, and anyone else involved in the process. This could involve multiple emails and phone calls, which can further frustrate a candidate.

An automated scheduling tool like the Cronofy Scheduler can streamline this process. This tool has the potential to reduce interview scheduling times by as much as 6 days. Hiring managers can easily invite everyone to the same interview, where each person can share his or her availability without revealing their entire schedule. The candidate is empowered to choose a slot that suits them and the time is convenient for everyone.

With an automated tool like this, we have seen significant improvements in recruiting metrics, including the time to fill and time to start.

Time to Fill: The amount of time between when a hiring manager submits a request for a new hire and when a job offer is accepted.
– Time to Start: This is how much time passes between when a candidate accepts a position and their first day on the job.

Integrate Scheduling with Other Recruiting Technology


When choosing an automated scheduling tool, you want it to work within your existing recruiting technology and hiring workflows. Cronofy Scheduler now integrates with popular recruiting tools, including Greenhouse and SuccessFactors, to make the entire hiring process faster and smoother. They offer a range of interview scheduling features which allow coordinating and scheduling interviews to be much more efficient.

With a seamless recruiting process, we can all improve the candidate experience and high-volume hiring metrics. This is helpful in increasing candidate closing rates. It also makes the process more efficient and easier for recruiters, hiring managers, and anyone involved in interviewing.

As talent acquisition leaders, we spend so much time sourcing, attracting, and qualifying candidates that we can’t afford to not use technology like Cronofy to elevate our hiring efforts. Recruiting automation tools like this allow us to increase our hiring speeds without compromising quality.

If you’re currently using Greenhouse and would like to add first-class, secure, enterprise-ready scheduling to your interview scheduling process please contact and the team will set-up a time to discuss this with you.

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