Abenity Perks and & Discounts Helps Your Employees Stretch Their Dollar

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Abenity Perks and & Discounts Helps Your Employees Stretch Their Dollar


Growing up, my mom was a master money saver. We only shopped at our local grocery store on triple coupon days. We thrift shopped for back to school clothes way before it was cool, and I learned how to master the art of negotiation at garage sales. 

Times have changed, and while some families still operate the way my family did growing up, one thing has not changed. Everyone loves saving money and getting a deal. I love stretching my dollar especially when it comes to vacation, trips, and dinner dates, and happy hours.

Abenity’s perks and benefits platform offers a way for employees to stretch their dollar. The platform is easily accessible by desktop and via mobile app. I love that their mobile app allows users to search by location. Users are alerted to deals and coupons using their location settings. 

Another great feature that had me excited is the ability to nominate a business, which is great for employees to stretch their dollar even further by choosing their favorite business they already frequent. I love grabbing discounts and coupons from my favorite smoothie place, spa, or movie theatre. They have over 1,00,000 discounts, coupons, and special offers

Travel and Vacation Discounts for Days 

It’s summer and after being cooped up in our homes for what seems like forever, vacation is everything. Abenity makes it easy for your employees to get discounts on vacation packages and theme park discounts including Universal Studios, Legoland, Disney Parks, and more. These discount ticket packages offer savings beyond what you can purchase at your membership big box retailer or grocery store chain. On top of that, the savings exceeds what’s available from other “public facing” savings platforms like AAA and AARP. The extra savings is easy to see within the annual Perks Report, which provides a side-by-side comparison.

A perk like this is one that offers your employees a way to take their time off to another level by making vacation memories to last a lifetime with you, as the employer to thank. It’s a true retention driver putting money back in their pocket allowing them an affordable experience. Another great feature is the Savings Calculator, which helps each individual employee discover the personal savings potential for their specific lifestyle.

Easy Registration and Access for Your Employees 

Employees can sign up and get started using the platform with a click of a mouse or by scanning a QR code. The entire employee experience can be customized for your employees ─ including branding, featured categories, and unique perks and benefits that are specific to your organization. You can customize notifications with email templates and more.

Robust Reporting to Tie Engagement Campaigns to Usage 

Account managers and admins have access to reporting. You are able to see the number of registered users and the engagement levels. Reporting like this helps you connect perks and benefit program campaigns directly to your company’s retention and engagement efforts. 

Data is everything right now, which is why I love the reporting feature. Old employee perk programs sat on a dusty intranet web page, overlooked and underused with no way to measure the larger impact and success. 

Abenity offers a great way to help employees save money without making lifestyle changes. Plus, their travel and trip discounts are great programs to promote as part of your employment branding and employee retention efforts like wellness and work-life balance. You can learn more about them at www.abenity.com.

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