How to Hire Right with Bright

Hiring and Recruitment Process Made Simple

Hiring and Recruitment Process Made Simple

One of the most frustrating and complicated pieces of the hiring and recruitment process is the pre-candidate selection and pre-screen.  As recruiters, we spend time creating and customizing the job posting to the hiring manager’s specifications even optimizing it for SEO long before the interview or actual screening begins. The hardest part actually filling the job opening is actually getting started.  Depending on the city where the job opening is located or the industry, a single job opening can have hundreds or even a thousand applicants leaving a recruiter and hiring manager overwhelmed.  The folks at Bright can help recruiters sort through the noise by surfacing the candidates that are likely the best to move forward for an initial interview.

For job seekers, candidates can upload a standard resume quickly dragging and dropping within the Bright Jobs platform taking advantage of their state of the art algorithm offering job recommendations catered specifically to the job seeker based on their specific background.  This along with a scoring system allows for a faster, more efficient and effective search for the all people, job seeker and recruiter included.

How to Hire the Right People with Bright Jobs

Their score system is called the Bright Score and was officially launched this week.  Bright spent the last 18 months conducting exhaustive research by enlisting over 100 HR and recruiting professionals to analyze tens of thousands of resumes and job descriptions, determining if a resume was a fit for a specific position, and if not, why.  Bright’s data science team, consists of 3 PhDs and 15 engineers, crunched the numbers and looked for statistically significant relationships between specific data points and the candidate being fit to move forward in the hiring process.  This research allowed them to develop the algorithm to evaluate a candidate before they apply for the position, determining the likelihood of whether the job seeker is a good fit for an interview. The Bright Score ranges from 0 to 100.  The higher the score, the more likely the candidate is a good fit to move forward in the company’s hiring process.

Job seekers who visit can search for openings by keyword with job openings sorted with the highest score.  Check out the screenshot to your right.   A job opening’s score is calculated as soon as the candidate conducts the keyword search in real time.  This helps to ensure that qualified job seekers are presented with jobs that are their best matches saving candidate’s time and a recruiter’s too.

Pre-Interview Candidate Screening

My favorite feature for recruiters (seen to the left) is the option to sort candidates into the top 20 using their algorithm versus viewing the thousands of resumes saving valuable time for the recruiter.   Bright can also identify active and qualified candidates through that haven’t applied for the job offering a qualified yet passive candidate database for the recruiter to choose from.

Can the Bright help match candidate with company more effectively?  All signs point to yes as this startup who also snagged $6 million in funding looks to change the recruiting and hiring process before the job seeker actually applies or interviews.

Visit Bright to learn more about how they can help eleviate the hiring bottleneck for your organization.  Check them out at and on Twitter @brightjobs.

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