How to Find Clients for Your Recruiting Business (Part 2)

Finding Clients for Your Recruiting Business (Part 2)

Did you read part 1 in this series? Click here if not. For those who want to hear the rest of my thoughts, read on reader!


Jim Stroud - Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy and author of Resume ForensicsThis is where I think I lot of sales people miss it. I have received multiple emails over the years from sales people who think I am a company looking to hire multiple software developers. This gives me serious doubts about their professionalism because 1) they were too busy (or lazy) to verify that I would make a potential client and 2) they focused too much on quantity (spam everyone and hope to get lucky), rather than a qualitative approach. In other words, focus on the few best chances of business instead of going for all the business and getting none. Make sense?

If I had a few data scientists on tap and wanted to get the attention of a potential client (of course, presuming I had the permission of those I previously interviewed), I might send them an email that looks something like this.

(1) SUBJECT: Pat, I agree with what your CEO said…


(2) I read in “Healthcare IT News” that your CEO believes that “…the chief appeals of KnowledgeEdge Enterprise is that it’s a package deal. “To the extent that you can take all the technologies and package them into a product.” Well said. (3) I talk to Big Data Scientists everyday and you would be surprised how often this comes up in my conversations with them. (4) Are you open to a 3-minute call to get better acquainted? Please advise…


(5) Jim Stroud
Super Duper Recruiter
Phone: 404-123-4567

Okay, although it goes without saying, do not add numbers to your email. I have things numbered above for easy reference. This is the purpose of each section.
(1) A short and interesting subject line to grab attention and incentivize them to read the email I sent.
(2) I identify where I read a recent news item about the company.
(3) I give a reason why they may want to talk with you. (I know they are looking for a data scientist – wink).
(4) A very short call that will hopefully, open the door for new business. (fingers crossed).
(5) Your contact info.

Does the above make sense to you? Hope so. Hmm… I am realizing now that I forgot to mention how I found that quote from Healthcare IT News. I basically did a search on Google for the company name and focused the search to the past year or so until I found something interesting. (Too fast? Okay, I clicked the “Search tools” button [1] and then moused down the options under “Any time.” [2] See below.)

How To Find Clients for Your Recruiting Business

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