How to Dress for a Finance Interview

It’s no secret that attire matters when it comes to forging ahead in the corporate world. A polished, self-assured ensemble can speak volumes about your professionalism while poor personal grooming can create unnecessary barriers between your potential and career goals.

According to a November 2012 survey by Harris Interactive, 60 per cent of hiring mangers suggested that a poor dress standard often prevented a promising candidate from securing a new role. This is magnified when it comes to client-facing industries such as finance, where the credibility associated with a sharp appearance can help a business maintain a competitive edge.

How to Dress for a Finance Interview

As the first point of contact with your new employer, a job interview is the perfect opportunity for embracing a sartorial strategy that allows you to shine. Here are four top tips to help you nail the interview and get the finance job of your dreams.

Invest in a quality suit

Although a sharply-tailored suit might take a toll on your wallet, it’s an investment that’s bound to pay off in time. Men should shy away from ill-fitting, off-the-rack options and think about purchasing a suit that’s altered in line with height and width – it’s a small difference that can have a big professional impact.

Christine Laprade, a Huffington Post fashion blogger and former finance industry personal stylist, recently advised that a suit should fit impeccably whether you’re a woman or a man. Above all, it’s important to keep faith in the old adage: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Err on the side of conservative

When it comes to securing a job in finance, exercising caution is your best bet for getting ahead. Women should save the miniskirts for the weekend and favour more demure knee-length skirts and dresses while men should avoid long hair, tattoos, loud colours and make an effort to appear formal and restrained.

Keep it simple

Both sexes should avoid wearing bright jewelry or loud attire at all times. A job interview is an opportunity to demonstrate that your image aligns with the values of the organization – reserve the experimenting till you know where you stand. This consideration should extend to your accessories, such as your watch and shoes. Make careful to shine your shoes and avoid wearing showy timepieces – your interview should be about your talent and experience, not your fashion sense.

Iron it out

When you contemplate the impact of a crumpled shirt, you’re bound to reconsider your dislike for ironing. Failure to dress neatly can imply a comparable level of negligence when it comes to completing duties and delivering projects; prevent this risk by wearing an ironed business shirt.

To ace a finance interview, make sure your appearance reflects your professional aims, potential, and career objectives. You are more likely to be taken seriously and become a worthy contender for your ideal financial career if you make an effort to appear credible, focused, and business-like. For Career advice in Australia visit Robert Half Recruitment Sydney.

Neha Kale is a freelance writer and editor with more than six years’ experience in the media and finance industries. She has held senior editorial positions at various business and technology publications and specialises in online strategy, innovation, creativity and management best practices. 

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