How Can a Powerful HR Department Help Your Business Expand/Evolve/Grow

The Power of Human Resources

The Human Resources department is one of the most vital and influential departments within any organization. They are tasked with hiring and managing multiple levels of staff from your hourly worker to a salaried manager and in some cases a c-level executive. Even though this department doesn’t have employees report to them, they’re in charge of communicating company news, keeping employees happy and resolving any issues that might arise.

How Can a Powerful HR Department Help Your Business Expand/Evolve/Grow

Without Human Resources your company would have to simultaneously manage recruitment, compliance, talent management, fostering a good work environment, as well as multiple other things this department handles. In order for any successful company to expand and grow into a Fortune 500 company it’s necessary that you have a well-rounded Human Resources department. Here are just a few ways that a powerful HR department will expand and grow your business:

HR Departments Maintain Good Working Environments For Employees

A company is only as successful as the employees who work for them. The Human Resources department is tasked with probably the most important task aside from business development and overall strategy goals. Hiring and retaining top talent is an essential task that must be performed with exceptional results in order to best suit a company and their overall strategic vision. A product or service is only as good as the team that develops it. In order to create the best you must hire the best.

HR Departments Help Resolve Employee Disputes

Ever had an employee walk up to you and claim that another employee has harassed them? The consequences of handling a certain situation in an improper manner could be the difference of being sued or working something out internally. The HR department is responsible for employee oversight that includes handling conflicts. As the ultimate mediator of employee disputes, the HR department will be able to avoid lawsuits and get to the bottom without managers mishandling a situation. Without HR departments your company might suffer from setbacks due to employee relationships.

HR Departments Set Benchmarks and Review Employee Success

Along the same lines of retaining good employees, HR departments are usually tasked with reviewing each employee and making recommendations based on where they’re best suited. They’re in charge of employee performance reviews and making sure only top talent is retained at a company. These reviews are designed to help identify talented employees and determine areas of strength or weakness and head off personal problems before they affect job performance. The greatest benefit of employee reviews to an employer is the creation of realistic job descriptions, which will help your workplace in the future.

No matter what they do, HR departments are able to act as a checks and balances in your organization. They’re able to help you determine the best-suited employees for each job you’re hiring, retention of top talent, manage disputes, and review the success of each individual. It’s no secret that the HR department is one of the most powerful and necessary departments in the organization.

What does your HR department do that you couldn’t imagine delegating to any other department?

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    Very good summary of the value of HR. Interestingly this article highlights HR’s value by focusing on how the department strategically aligns with business instead of just focusing on the cyclical task HR does.


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    This was an outstanding overview of how important HR is to the success of every organization.



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