Gambling with Speed Networking

Making the Most from Speed Networking

Early this morning I attended a Speed Networking event. The one hour event was held at a Oklahoma City Metro Chamber of Commerce. Roughly 30 networkers attended. Each networker was assigned to a table and had 5 minutes to speak to their table about themselves and the companies and businesses they represent. I made 6 new connections in an hour and with a little bit of luck one of those connections will help me directly or indirectly in my business or professional endeavors.

Gambling with Speed Networking

One of the great things about this particular event is that it is held monthly, but like any type of event, the likelihood of a great connection is a game of chance. Networking is a lot like a deck of cards with face cards being promising connections and number cards be less than desirable connections. You might come across 5 consecutive number cards before you find a face card and so on. The point is that, you never know when your luck will turn and when a connection even one that on the surface appears to be a number card can be wild and turn into something special. That something special might be a possible job lead or an introduction to someone of interest.

One of the reasons as a recruiter I look forward to the holiday season is that there is no lack of networking events during this time of year. I can honestly say that between now and Christmas, I could realistically fill each day with a networking event whether it’s lunch with an old friend, a Chamber Breakfast, or holiday celebration for a professional organization I am a member of. The key is to get the most mileage out of the events you attend. Don’t overbook yourself. Take a step back and look at “the marketing potential” each event allows yourself with those that can assist you in your goal of finding a career or the job you seek.

By keeping your goal in mind and a handy stack of marketing materials in your car and briefcase, your job search is sure to prosper during these current economic times and historically slow holiday job season.

Happy Hunting!


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