5 Tips to Layoff Proof Your Job

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Are you vital to your employer?

If your answer is, “absolutely!” then congratulations, your job is probably safe. If you hesitated, it may be time to look at how to layoff-proof your position. With companies laying off workers across a broad spectrum of industries, if you’re not vital you just might be expendable. Make yourself absolutely vital to the success of your company… or, at least their survival during these difficult economic times.

5 Tips to Layoff Proof Your Job

1. Be a Da Vinci
Leonardo wasn’t just a great painter. He could sculpt, sketch, and if you’re a ninja turtle fan, clean up with swords as well. The point is that knowing how to just do your job isn’t enough. To truly layoff-proof yourself you need to know how to do other positions within your company. Take the initiative and start learning the daily tasks you would handle if you had other job titles.

2. Take on a new project
If you have to create a new project to take on one, do it. If a new project needs volunteers, volunteer. Heck, volunteer to lead the search for volunteers. If there is anything new happening at your company, you want to make sure you are an important part of it. This may mean taking on responsibilities beyond your normal routine or job description.

3. Generate revenue
Often when a company is looking at cutting jobs, the absolute last cuts happen to the sales department. Why? Because without them, the company wouldn’t bring in any money!
If you’re a secretary, find a salesperson to help out. Can you help manage or optimize their leads? If you can’t be generating revenue directly, become absolutely essential to someone who is!

4. Embrace change
Instead of complaining of the “good ole days”, embrace any change that your workplace is going through. Not only will it be good for your mental health, you’ll be seen as a good team player as well. Note: This does not mean be a suck-up. This just means roll with the punches. Change happens. You might as well go with it.

5. Share your 100% commitment
Have a serious conversation with your boss (or higher up if possible) about your commitment to your company. Don’t do this in an email or over the phone. Even if it’s just stopping their office for a few minutes one afternoon, have this conversation in person. When it comes to making cuts, they will remember the personal conversation that you initiated. It may not sound like much, but little details like this can make all the difference.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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