Five Reads On How AI Is Transforming the Workplace

five reads on how ai is transforming the workplace

It seems like all we talk about lately is how AI and machine learning are changing HR, so…here are five more reads on the topic? But more seriously, here are five new perspectives or developments in this ongoing conversation.

Five Reads On How AI Is Transforming the Workplace

Your Wokplace Rewards Men More and AI Can Prove It

Your company doesn’t make decisions based on unconscious bias, right? Whoops, no. It looks like this new algorithmic analysis from Palatine Analytics can prove that you’ve been unfairly rewarding men all along. Well, maybe you’ll finally listen to us about bias…

The AI “Coaching Cloud” Will Create the First Facebook-Scale Enterprise Business

Recode explores the idea of a “coaching cloud,” AI designed to enhance worker training and development, rather than worker replacement. They argue that the best use of AI isn’t automating your workforce out of existence, but instead automating their most mundane and repetitive tasks so that they can concentrate on the really importance stuff like innovation.

This AI Marketplace Matches You With A Job, Even If You’re Rejected wants to help cut out some of the clutter in the recruiting/job seeking space by matching candidates with their perfect jobs. It takes its inspiration from university applications: you apply once by uploading your resume and contact info, and does the rest, finding the best fits for your skills and background. claims that some companies in the marketplace receive 4.5 million resumes per year, globally.

Think Humans Are Superior to AI? Don’t Be a “Carbon Chauvinist”

As we get closer to true AI we need to think about what integrating AI, actually independent artificial intelligences, into our society will really be like. This piece examines some of our assumptions about what humans and AI are good at and the relative value of each.

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