Episode 360: HiBob and Workology HR Benchmark Survey With Zoe Haimovitch – Part II

So we did ask what is the HR tech stack? And it’s interesting that the HR profession today has an HR tech stack. The answers were amazing to me because not only is, does everybody have a tech stack, it’s like, it’s like about six tech solutions on average.

Today’s episode is about the first HR Benchmark Survey that Hibob and Wokology recently launched and we wanted to share its results through a Webinar we named “Key Roles in HR: Uncovering New Trends & Research.”  A full hour in which we were diving into the role of Human Resources with discussions on how we, as HR leaders, can increase business alignment, relationships and communicating how our activities in HR align with business outcomes. The answers were so interesting that we decided to share them with you in three episodes of our Workology Podcast. This is our Part II.

Episode 360: HiBob and Workology HR Benchmark Survey With Zoe Haimovitch – Part II


I am joined by Zoe Haimovitch, Sr. Director, Communications and Strategic projects at HiBob. She is a strategic HR tech marketing communications leader and a hands-on professional with 25 years of experience developing industry insights and executing upon them. Zoe is a passionate communications leader, together with her team. She builds the story that elevates the value of HR tech services and solutions, the brand, and its promise.

Let’s start!

This episode features excerpts answering the following questions:

Between roles and trends, we wanted to know who is the most senior HR pro person in their companies to whom they report?

– Regarding budget and the general numbers of the company, where does HR fit into all this? How much is the budget? What does it look like?

– What’s going to happen to your HR budget next year and in the fall?

– What is in your HR technology stack? What technology types are in your stack and what are they in terms of priority and importance?

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Complete the HR Benchmark Survey Here.

The time in this webinar went by really fast and we still have much more information to share with you! Head on over to HRBenchmarkSurvey.com and complete that survey. This is an “always on” survey and we’ll be updating this information quarterly so that we can all better understand the evolution of human resources and how it continues to grow to support the strategic business needs of your organization – certainly mine – and the thousands of others who have taken our HR Benchmark Survey.

Connect with Zoe Haimovitch.



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