Episode 308: HR Tech Insights Featuring Safwan Shah, Tony Jamous and Julie Jeannotte

Even before the pandemic it was a challenge to shop and learn about HR technology and services. COVID throws another wrinkle into things even with conferences and events opening up in the near future. At Workology, we reach 700,000 (yes 700,000!) HR and workplace leaders every month with our newsletter, podcast, and online resources at Workology.com. I’ve been getting requests from many of you asking for ways to connect with different companies that will give you the opportunity to research the organization and learn about them BEFORE signing up for a demo or answering your phone. 

This interview is part of a new series called HR Tech Insights for the Workology Podcast, sponsored by UpSkill HR and Ace the HR Exam. It’s an opportunity for you, the HR leader, to quickly learn about different companies, their solutions, the company sizes and verticals they serve, and a quick case study of the problems they solve. Think of it like walking an expo floor, but without the free swag and cocktails. The good news is there is no travel or expense involved. Each episode in the HR Tech Insights series features three 7-10 minute interviews with different HR tech and service providers. 

Episode 308: HR Tech Insights Featuring Safwan Shah, Tony Jamous and Julie Jeannotte


Meet Safwan Shah

As founder and CEO of Payactiv, a Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp, Safwan Shah’s mission is to bring security, dignity, and financial wellness to low-income workers. An engineer by training and a serial entrepreneur, Safwan has built his career around harnessing the power of technology to create a more equitable society.

Meet Tony Jamous

Tony is the CEO and founder of Oyster, the company that believes anything is possible remotely. As a distributed talent enablement platform, Oyster is making remote work a reality for everyone. In 2010, Jamous started Nexmo, an API Platform for building communication applications. Nexmo grew rapidly to $100m in revenues in less than 5 years and eventually became public in 2016 after merging with Vonage (VG:Nasdaq). Nexmo hired people in over 50 countries. Delivering a great employee experience for all our distributed workforce was a major challenge that led Tony to appreciate the value of Oyster.

Meet Julie Jeannotte 

Julie Jeannotte is Officevibe’s Employee Engagement Expert and Senior Researcher. She brings to the table her extensive organizational development expertise to the benefit of their clients and evolution of the product. Truly passionate about humans at work, her background and innate curiosity have given her a unique perspective on both the day-to-day challenges faced by high-performing teams, as well as the development of positive organizational cultures.

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Connect with Safwan Shah, Tony Jamous and Julie Jeannotte.



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