Episode 303: HR Tech Insights Featuring Markellos Diorinos, Prem Kumar and Rob Catalano

Even before the pandemic it was a challenge to shop and learn about HR technology and services. COVID throws another wrinkle into things even with conferences and events opening up in the near future. At Workology, we reach 800,000 (yes 800,000!) HR and workplace leaders every month with our newsletter, podcast, and online resources at Workology.com. I’ve been getting requests from many of you asking for ways to connect with different companies that will give you the opportunity to research the organization and learn about them BEFORE signing up for a demo or answering your phone. 

Episode 303: HR Tech Insights Featuring Markellos Diorinos, Prem Kumar and Rob Catalano

This interview is part of a new series called HR Tech Insights for the Workology Podcast, sponsored by UpSkill HR and Ace the HR Exam. It’s an opportunity for you, the HR leader, to quickly learn about different companies, their solutions, the company sizes and verticals they serve, and a quick case study of the problems they solve. Think of it like walking an expo floor, but without the free swag and cocktails. The good news is there is no travel or expense involved. Each episode in the HR Tech Insights series features three 7-10 minute interviews with different HR tech and service providers. 

Meet Markellos Diorinos

Great companies are made of great people. When he realized that existing talent management tools provide lots of data but no actionable intelligence, Markellos co-founded Bryq to do just that – support HR practitioners and hiring managers with actionable data so that they can make better, faster and more diverse decisions in hiring, promoting and internal mobility.

Meet Prem Kumar

As Humanly.io co-founder and CEO, Prem Kumar’s mission is to empower hiring teams and candidates through innovative technology, commitment, and fairness. Y Combinator, Microsoft, and TINYPulse alum. Techstars and Venture Out mentor and Top 100 HR Influencers.

Meet Rob Catalano

Chief Engagement Officer & Co-Founder at WorkTango. Top 100 Global Employee Engagement Influencer. 18 years advising organizations on employee engagement and building HR Technology Companies

I’m all about arming HR and workplace leaders with resources and information to help them support their organizations. That includes finding great HR tech and service providers. You can visit the show notes of this episode at Workology.com where I’m including each person we’ve talked to’s LinkedIn profile and company information. Feel free to reach out to them directly. Make sure you tell them you heard about them on the Workology Podcast! This episode is part of our HR Tech Insights series and is sponsored by UpSkill HR and Ace the Exam. 

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Connect with Markellos Diorinos, Prem Kumar and Rob Catalano.


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