Ep 30 – High Tech New Hire Paperwork for Onboarding with Todd Owens

Episode 30: New Hire Onboarding & Paperwork Goes High Tech with Todd Owens (@Talentwise)

First impressions matter especially in this hot recruiting and hiring market. We need to have our hiring and onboarding processes in order to make the best impression for our new and highly engaged and excited employees. Technology is a great way to help enhance as well as automate this part of the new hire experience. Hunting for new hire paperwork and spending several days of your first week at a new company with your butt in the orientation seat is the least exciting way to be introduced to a company. Technology is the best solution to making this new hire paperwork and onboarding more new employee friendly.

In this episode of the Workology Podcast, I talk to Todd Owens. He’s the CEO of TalentWise. Their company helps enhance the onboarding and new hire process and paperwork with awesome HR technology. Onboarding is something that needs to be established and yet 63% of companies don’t have an established onboarding program or process according to a 2014 Aberdeen study.

How CEO’s Approach Talent & Hiring

Like every CEO, Todd is focused on talent for the clients TalentWise serves but also at his own growing company. He shares with us insights into what’s most important for CEO’s and executive leaders and provides great feedback in how HR and human capital leaders should approach and think like a CEO to better support and engage their executive team. You can also connect with Todd Owens on LinkedIn.



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