Ep 80 – How to Hire Traditionalist Generation Employees #fivegenwork

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As part of our ongoing podcast series taking a look at the five generation workplace, we are continuing our conversation talking about the Traditionalist Generation. Check out our podcast interviews as we break down the five generations at work with Generation Zen and Generation Y.

Traditionalists represent the smallest generation of the workforce with 94% of traditionalists retired and working part time or in volunteers roles with organizations that align with their interests, passion and purpose.

Episode 80: Tapping into the Wisdom and Experience of the Traditionalist Generation with Kay Stout

In this episode of the Workology Podcast I talk to my friend Kay Stout. She’s a career coach and LinkedIn ninja who I had the opportunity to get to know through friends when I first launched Blogging4Jobs in 2007. Kay currently serves as the executive director of PAAS Vinita.

Kay breaks down what it’s like to be a member of the traditionalist generation. The traditionalist generation are individuals born between 1922 – 1943.  These older and more experienced employees have a respect for the rules, are fans of conformity and can be frugal minded. Technology is sometimes hard to grasp as unlike younger generations, they did not grow up with mobile devices, computers or even an electric washing machine.

Traditionalists and the experience, wisdom and knowledge they provide can be huge assets to organizations whether they are working full time, part time or as volunteers at your organization. Traditionalists do the work they love that aligns with their interests and passions, but many of them the focus really is on the family as they are grandparents and great grandparents.

Calling Out Stereotypes About Traditionalists

One of the biggest myths says Kay is their use of technology. While not digital natives, traditionalists are active on social media sites like Facebook and use technology although she asks us to be patient since computers and other tech are foreign. Kay talked in great detail about the PAAS Vinita and her dedication to helping pets find permanent homes. How Kay and PAAS Vinita use Facebook pages to help find homes for animals is especially interesting. You need to hear her story about how pets are being transported all across the United States matched with families and finding new and loving homes.

Traditionalists rely on relationships and their in person network to search for job and volunteer opportunities. Depending on your city or geographic area, the local coffee shop is the best place to engage and interface with traditionalists.

Kay is a long time blogger (since 2007) as well and was one of my first guest posters on Blogging4Jobs. She’s one of the best users of LinkedIn I’ve ever met which is why she’s the perfect person to debunk the stereotype and generalizations surrounding traditionalists.

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