Ep 77 – The Future of Job Boards and Hiring Effectiveness

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Despite even me calling for the end to job boards in a 2011 post called “Chicken Little, the Job Boards Are Failing,”  job boards remain a powerful recruiting strategy for effective hiring. According to CareerXroads 2015 Source of Hire Study, job boards account for nearly 10% of all hires not including job aggregators which account for just over 17%. Today we’re looking at the future of job boards and their impact on effective hiring.

Episode 77: The Future of Job Board in Hiring Effectiveness with Jeff Dickey-Chasins (@jobboarddoctor)

Last week while attending the TA Tech and SHRM Talent conferences in Orlando, FL, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Dickey-Chasins also known affectionately as the Job Board Doctor. Jeff walks listeners in this episode of the Workology Podcast through how job boards partner with each other to promote job postings on their sites. Until I began attending the TA Tech Conference a little more than a year ago, I had no idea how job boards partnered and drove traffic to one another. I’m sure you’ll be surprised as well!

Jeff also gives listeners great insights into programmatic ad buying which has been popular topic among job board owners as of late.  Programmatic ad buying plays on consumer marketing ad buying practices to target qualified job seekers. Think about those shoes from Nordstroms that seem to follow you across the web. Now, imagine a job posting doing the same thing. Interesting right?

Job Boards As Recruitment Marketing Platforms

Jeff shares some U.S. based as well as global job board trends that provide great insights into the smaller yet more global world we are now living and working in. One of my favorite nuggets from this podcast was the fact that Jeff referred to job boards as “recruitment marketing platforms.” Job boards according to Jeff are an important part of brand and relationship building with job seekers that goes well beyond a single job posting. I like these insights especially given the rise of employment branding and recruitment marketing positions on corporate recruiting and talent acquisition teams. Find out how Jeff is helping to drive this mindset among job boards and why it’s important to improving trust with candidates but also for a long term and effective hiring strategy.

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