Ep 204 – Influencer Inclusion in Human Resources

Inclusion is a common pain point across all industries and it’s something we think about a lot as HR leaders. How do we develop programs that make all feel welcome, whether we’re focused on candidates or employees? How do we walk the walk and talk the talk? This podcast interview is about a different kind of inclusion and that is the form of inclusion and recognition if you are interested in becoming influential in human resources or recruiting.

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Episode 204: Inclusion in Human Resources (@socialmicole)

Today I’m joined by Micole Garatti, founder of SocialMicole.com. Micole has spent the past several years working to improve HR through improving Influencer Relations in the human capital management industry. Most recently, she created The Most Inclusive HR Influencer List,  featuring over 150 leaders in the Human Resources industry, from HR professionals, recruiters, diversity and inclusion specialists, technologists, consultants, to HR tech marketers.

What Is Influencer Marketing Means in Human Resources?

The influencer space is big business especially in the consumer marketplace. In 2019, experts predict that influencer making spend will be in excess of $6.5 billion. In the HR space, that’s a small microcosm of the world, but one that is very complicated as Micole points out in the podcast interview. Not everyone is an expert in employee relations, FLSA or HSA and human resources technology.

Micole’s work with her list is part of helping to drive conversations with HR influencers as well as discussion around who to work with, what influence looks like, and the best way to engage and work with influencers in our industry. Most importantly both Micole and I agree that you need to compensate influencers. It lends better results for the companies who work with influencers and it drives productivity and engagement from the influencers ourselves.

Not everyone on the list is a full-time influencer or their business is strictly engagement, conversation, and resources in the industry like mine. Micole points out that her list is designed to lift up and share those who are emerging influencers and offer different valuable and inclusive points of view.

How Micole Got Started in HR Marketing and the Influencer Industry

I met Micole on Twitter right as she started working for Ultimate Software. She has worked in the HR tech industry ever since then and in her past oversaw influencer relationships and partnerships for Ultimate. Social media offers you a great way to build relationships with not only HR and recruiting influencers but practitioners in the industry too. Micole’s insights are incredibly valuable because her approach is solid. Influencer relationships are about building a foundation with the marketing and sales team of the technology or service.

This list is an example of that. I love how she is being the voice of influencers and also educating and providing resources for HR technology and service providers who are looking to invest in influencer marketing and partnerships. For those aspiring bloggers, Micole has a lot of great advice which includes social media.

Aspiring HR influencers need to get on social media. Start blogging. Share your opinions. Be authentic because everybody loves to connect with people who are very authentic and focus on finding your voice.- @socialmicole #hr #shrm Click To Tweet


If you’ve attended conferences, panels, seminars, and summits at all in the past decade, you might have noticed a difference in representation in workshop leaders or panelists versus the audience, no matter what industry you’re in. I’ve personally attended panels on diversity in the workplace where no women or people of color were represented as panelists. Did I call it out? Sure. But I love Micole’s response and her positivity. I think we can use her example to do better and support a broader representation of experts in our voices of leadership online.

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