Ep 175 – Where to Get Started with Recruitment Marketing?

I am what many people call a trailblazer especially in the area of what is now referred to as digital recruiting and/or recruitment marketing. In 2001, when I first started in HR and recruiting, I successfully used dating websites to recruit and source candidates. This was long before LinkedIn became commonplace.

Later in the mid 2000’s I used web forums, Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook to hire and recruit candidates. In fact, from 2007-2009, social media accounted for 30% of all my hires, and we found that retention was higher with social media recruiting versus the newspaper, job ad, or a career fair.  Today I’m hosting a special podcast episode on recruitment marketing and where to get started with me, Jessica Miller-Merrell. I’m doing this episode differently where I’m going to chat it up with you instead of a special guest.

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Episode 175: Where to Get Started with Recruitment Marketing?

It’s not very often that I talk about myself which might seem weird considering I do a lot of writing, talking, and speaking on many different topics in HR and recruiting, but my passion and favorite topic is on the subject of digital recruitment and recruitment marketing.

I mentioned I started in 2001 with dating websites to source candidates. At the time I was working for Target as a store HR Manager. I graduated to social media sites in 2005-2009. I also started this blog at that time as well which at the time was geared towards the job seeker. Originally, called Blogging4Jobs because that’s what I was doing I was blogging about jobs, I used it as a recruitment funnel to build relationships with qualified candidates. This is in fact what recruitment marketing is. You are doing online activities designed to build relationships and drive qualified job seekers to your online career site, job posting, or talent network.

I decided to do a podcast talk on how to get started on recruitment marketing, because I’m getting ready to do a presentation in Chicago on the topic, and it’s top of mind for me right now. While I won’t be giving away all the important points in my talk, I do want to talk a bit about recruitment marketing, and why it’s important.

How to Get Started with Recruitment Marketing

Where to get started is really a loaded question which is why I love this topic. Recruitment marketing like any marketing is different for everyone. Every business has a different culture, experience, and value add that resonates with your job seekers. It’s truly unique.

The first thing to do before you make a single job posting, tweet on Twitter or story on Instagram or even send an email, is to do what I call a Talent Brand Audit.This is audit is the cornerstone and helps you address and prioritize opportunities to make the biggest impact with the smallest amount of effort. It also allows you to focus on small campaigns and projects to establish ROI and build on those successes gaining the trust of your leadership. I talk more about several other steps to launch or revitalized your recruitment marketing efforts on the podcast itself. 

What Is in Store for the Future of Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is what job boards were in the early 2000’s and late 1990’s. They are essential for you as an employer and your recruiters to engage, build rapport and reach qualified job candidates. This great thing about this is that it can happen in tandem or parallel to your company’s existing customer marketing efforts. It’s a great way to build, share, and support both pieces of the business.

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