Scalable Performance Management for Agile Workplace Teams

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As an HR leader who spends countless hours reviewing monthly P&L’s along with quarterly financial statements, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that your employee workforce accounts for seventy percent of your total business expenses. This fact combined with the challenging talent market makes it even more important to invest in the training, communication, performance, and productivity of your entire employee population. It’s vital to engage employees on an individual and cross-functional team basis while also making sure that their goals and activities are in alignment with the larger business goals and strategies.

I recently sat down with Betterworks to see a product demo and learn more about how their HR technology drives better business outcomes. Their technology supports and encourages continuous performance management allowing all employees to be in alignment. As well as receive ongoing feedback and communication from leaders at all different levels, whether they are their direct report or indirectly as part of a project team.


Supporting Fast, Flexible, and Agile Teams 

The team and company that outshines their competition is the one who is fast, flexible, innovative, and agile. The Betterworks platform is built with agile methodologies in mind. Your workforce needs performance feedback that is aligned with the business, provides frequent updates on progress, is focused on employee development, and provides a platform to make public recognition of achievements easy yet meaningful.


From the moment we logged in, the Betterworks platform was flexible and fluid. It’s like walking into a meditation class and seeing the instructor who immediately puts me at ease. The UX makes me feel as though I’m focused, organized, and engaged. From the easy navigation to the ability to set, change, and update goals, I feel more effective, productive, and agile. This makes me and more importantly, my team, more engaged and motivated to accomplish the tasks and goals that need to be tackled today, for the quarter, and long term.  

For anyone who has ever worked in a chaotic environment and even those who haven’t, this calm feels refreshing. It’s easy to reflect and remember how the chaos felt, making me and my employees thankful they work for an organization who values goal alignment and ensuring their employees feel a sense of purpose and motivation.


Workplace and Employee Productivity vs. Performance

One of the biggest challenges with any HR technology is that it is separate from an employee’s daily communication tools and technologies such as email, project management, or direct messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. With Betterworks, performance management and feedback is integrated directly into the flow of work. Their platform seamlessly integrates with the technologies we rely on for our workplace communication making it easy to update performance, share changes, and keep on top of the execution and results of your teams.


Their integrations within Gmail and Outlook like you see in the screenshot above are deep. Managers can quickly leave star rates, message others, and interact with users using the Chrome extension. This allows you to stay on top of communication and abreast other project plans, while quickly reviewing the feedback and input on the performance of direct reports from other leaders and project leads.

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Continuous Conversations Happen On the Fly

They’ve thought of everything. One of my favorite features of the Betterworks platform is their mobile app; accessible from IOS or Android, I can stay on top of what’s happening with my team quickly and easily from anywhere whether it’s checking quickly five minutes before a leadership meeting or on my daily commute from the train.


The mobile app has access not only to updates, reviews, and communications but also reporting. This makes it easy for me to share wins with my leaders on the fly.

I love the Betterworks platform and as someone who this year has been committed to providing focused communication and performance with my own team, I love the features they have available. This product makes it easier for me to be a better leader that is aligned with the larger organization and the individual needs of my employees.

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