Ep 165 – Best of the Workology Podcast, Pt 3

best of workology ep 165

It’s our third installment of the best of Workology Podcast series sponsored by my friends at Clear Company. I’m looking back at interviews with Scrum master Reese Schmidt, Dr. Cynthia Ackrill, Dr. Naghid Prasad and Linda Ginac. Peter Druker has a great quote that I thought really sums up this podcast series where we reflect and revisit on the past. He said, “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”

Episode 165: Best of the Workology Podcast, Part 3

    • Ep 151: How to Use Agile in Human Resources with Reese Schmit: Over this last year I’ve found that many in HR on looking for new ways to improve processes and efficiencies which is what led me to the Agile methodology. Agile Coach Reese Schmit shares about what is agile and how it can help organizations adapt. She also explores about ways that agile can be applied and used in human resources and recruiting and not just software and technical teams.
    • Ep 153: How to Handle Workplace Stress with Cynthia Ackrill, M.D.: Dr. Cynthia Ackrill walks us through dealing with stress. She dives into neuroscientific research on stress, how it impacts us in life and work and what we can do to help ourselves and our teams neutralize the effects of stress. You are going to love this interview.
    • Ep 154: Artificial Intelligence Basics in HR and Recruiting with Naghi Prasad: The hype around AI is pushing HR and recruiting leaders to places and resources that frankly just aren’t accurate. I talk with Dr. Naghi Prasad. He shares the basics of what is AI and how it is currently being applied in human resources. This podcast is an important one and he points to some really great resources in the transcript I recommend you checking out more.

I love how diverse our topic base here on Workology, and I’m looking forward to talking to more experts and industry innovators in the new year. Feel free to connect with me if you are interested in being a guest or have a suggestion about a future topic you’d like us to dive into in a future episode of Workology.


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