Ep 144 – Women at Work: How to Support New Parents and Life Changes

women at work: how to support new parents and life changes

It’s no secret that being a new parent is one of the most stressful events of your life. While the transition to being a parent and new provider isn’t enough, most parents also have to balance their jobs and careers with those new parenting responsibilities.

Episode 144: Women at Work: How to Support New Parents and Life Changes with Laurie Felker Jones (@heyLFJ)

On this episode of the Workology Podcast, I’m joined by Laurie Felker Jones. She’s the CEO of founder of JuiceBox Hero, a website, and resource that brings thousands of daycare, pre-school and after-school programs to your fingertips. This episode is part of the Woman at Work series focused on conversations on women in the workplace.

Being a part is one of the single most stressful events in your life. It’s also the most rewarding. It’s a struggle to juggle it all. Laurie talks about how as a new parent to two children under 5 she has been able to found a successful company. But prior to her work as an entrepreneur, Laurie was involved in politics support elected officials and being a part of election campaigns. It’s her own personal experience as a parent and seeing the need from her peers, colleagues, and community that led to the creation and launch of Juice Box Hero.

How to Support New Parents at Work

While both Laurie and I are crazy supportive of maternity and paternity leave programs, the real work starts once a parent returns to work. While we’re not here to debate the length of these leave programs for new parents, there are additional ways that companies can support new parents. Things like support groups, counseling, in company daycare programs and flex time are great. Recently Nissan sent me a press announcement they were offering breast milk delivery service for moms who are traveling for work. However, these perks and benefits are things that all companies are able to do. However, we can give employees the gift of information, access to resources and support to help them make the best parenting decisions.

Because an employee’s manager is the biggest influence on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction at work, they can provide the support for employees which is important especially if a company doesn’t offer amazing perks. Laurie share there is so much cross-over between our work and personal life. You don’t stop being a parent during your 9-5.

Pay Equity for Women

Laurie also mentioned the need for companies to go beyond family-friendly perks and benefits and look at offering a more diverse employee population that is focused on inclusion as well as pay equity. By ensuring that your organization is compensating its employees fairly and consistently will support women in the workplace as well as minorities beyond simply support new parents and families. This demonstrates to your workforce the value you place on all employees focusing on skills, qualifications, and experience.

85% of consumer purchasing $$ are decided by women & mothers. This is a great opportunity to understand customers & the working women you are recruiting. - @heylfj Click To Tweet

One thing that Laurie mentioned in her interview was the purchasing power of women and especially new parents. I think that’s true for their jobs. Parents need a workplace that suits their lifestyle which includes taking care of young children. I love her supportive nature. She really is the nurturer of relationships among women business owners and female founders in Austin, Texas. I admire her for that.

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