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Labor Relations 101

I’ve been blogging about HR and labor relations since 2007. I’ve created a great deal of content on labor relations and labor unions for HR practitioners during that time. Much of the content resides on my old blog The Human Race Horses which I retired earlier this year.  The content is still available over there in the archives under Labor Relations.  There are articles about labor law, the NLRB, the current alt labor situations, working in a unionized environment and a lot of information for those working in organizations without a labor unions.

My top 10 go-to labor relations resources

Here are 10 additional labor relations resources that every HR practitioner will find useful.

Every HR professional should be familiar with the National Labor Relations Board web site. There is an unbelievable amount of information available on this site, including search tools and data bases. You can also subscribe to agency newsletters that will help keep you up to date on developments on the labor relations front by bringing the information to your in-box.

Labor Relations Institute is one of the top firms in management side labor relations and positive workplace relations. Their monthly newsletter Labor Relations Ink is an indispensable resource for me.

Labor Union Report bills itself as the most comprehensive source for news and views on today’s labor unions. Lead blogger Peter List seemingly covers every labor union story that hits the wire. Take note, Peter is very opinionated about the many faults of today’s labor movement, and these views are reflected in his writing.

Labor Related hasn’t been updated in a few months, but it has been a good resource of material in the past.

Labor Relations Today is probably my favorite legal blog for labor relations info. They provide excellent coverage and analysis on developments in traditional labor law. They are very balanced, and well worth checking out.

There are several other excellent legal blogs  providing great coverage of labor relations including the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, the Wisconsin Employment and Labor Law Blog, the Workplace Law Prof blog, the Delaware Employment Law Blog, Jonathan Segal at Duane Morris, Work Matters, and fellow B4J contributor Casey Sipe.

These sites all cover a wider range of topics than just labor relations, but they are all good sources for labor relations info.

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