Donglegate: HR Gone Wild

Donglegate is just a workplace issue gone wild…. Today’s post is a morality play, filled with arrogance, rudeness, naivety and stupidity. That’s because I am writing about harassment, sexual and otherwise – and the potential outocmes of dealing with the stupidity of sexual harassment.  Or maybe I am only joking. Have you heard about Donglegate yet?  […]

Office of Labor Relations Round-up

Many of you know by now that I left the regular practice of HR and labor relations at the beginning of the year. In my new role, I’m the Executive Director of CUE Inc. – an organization for positive employee relations.  CUE is a not for profit consortium of companies who exist to share best […]

The NLRB is Changing the HR Game in April

Say hello to EFCA Lite The Employee Free Choice Act didn’t pass 2009, but it’s coming our way in 2015. The National Labor Relations Board is changing the way they administer labor union certification elections. This is going to have a huge impact on HR by greatly increasing the odds that you will experience a […]

Labor Relations Round-up #FastFoodStrike

Fast-Food workers on strike, under arrest in protest for higher wages. Fast-Food Strikes – again The big news following the Labor Day holiday weekend in the United States was the staging of yet another series of one day strikes actions at fast-food restaurants, reportedly in more than 100 cities across the country. Workers and their […]

Pure Talent Doesn’t Equal Social Media Gold

Pure Talent Doesn’t Equal Social Media Gold Most of you are aware that I live in Florida.  In the state of Florida, there are only a couple of important things. That list is not very long: Quirky individuals who do inexplicable things Sunshine Beaches College football On Sunday, a few of those things came together […]

Labor Disputes On the Rise in the US

Strikes, Lockouts and Boycotts, Oh my!  We’re going out on strike! There was a time in the history of our country that the mere mention of workers going on strike sent a chill down the spines of managers and workers alike.  If you think that sounds like hyperbole, watch the video below, and then after […]