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When I lost my job in 2009 because of my blog (this blog), I become obsessed on educating and helping HR and workplace leaders. I was driven by the desire to help HR leaders like my boss learn to embrace not fear digital technology like social media and the new digital landscape. I wanted HR leaders who blogged or used social media to live in fear worried that they might lose their job because their boss didn’t understand the value of the technology, learning, or community.

I’ve been passionate about sharing best practices leveraging digital technology and social media to help human resources and recruiters do their best work. Our online learning platform LEARN by Workology was born out of my work in this area as I focused on cataloguing, aggregating, and organizing content and resources for the HR and recruiting practitioner community. I wanted to provide resources and training to help HR leaders learn about the digital transformation. Since its launch in 2012 in various forms, my learning platform has grown and evolved but not my mission to educate, develop and support the industry that I love.

The Digital Landscape Shaped My Career and How I View the Future of HR 


I first leveraged a paid learning management system to provide free access to webinars on-demand that were eligible for HRCI recertification credits. And eventually left the platform to create and design my own because I didn’t feel like it provided exactly the experience our community and myself was looking for.  My beta version of our own developed learning platform called LEARN launched in 2015, and over the years I’ve worked to refine, enhance, and make changes based to fit the needs of our growing HR community.

As a self-funded small business I have relied on the help, patience, and support of the HR community to create a learning experience over time. Countless HR leaders have shared their feedback, opinions, and insights to help with the evolution of our offering over the last five years. And in this very moment, I can say I’ve never been more grateful or more proud of our newest learning platform release I’m sharing with you today.

I’m excited to announce that our latest version of our online and on-demand learning system through Workology is here and is called LEARN 3.0. Our newest release of our online and on-demand HR learning platform offers a host of new features and benefits designed to make the experience better for members. You can access it at



What’s New with Workology’s LEARN 3.0 


These new enhancements include a learning experience that is separate from the Workology blog instead of embedded inside the site. Members now access and sign in on the learning platform at Additionally, members have easier access to the custom courses they are enrolled in by first accessing a completely redesigned sign on experience and member dashboard. Members also have enhanced support in the form of a chat bot that offers real time support. Members can also connect with us over email or by phone.

Members still access the courses on-demand and receive competition certificates via email and within the LEARN system itself. We have a variety of courses and topics designed to offer HR practitioners access to trending topics and practical application and support for their work in HR and recruitment regardless of the size organization they support.

Workology’s Courses and Membership Offerings 


At present, we have 3 different membership options with over 77 different courses within the platform to choose from. Workology is focused on providing support helping HR leaders grow personally and professionally. We do so with the following different course options

UpSkill HR 

Ace the HR Exam 

SHRM Certification Prep Course

HR and workplace leaders also can access two free courses from our UpSkill HR course library called UpSkill HR Free. This is helpful if you want to kick the tires of our learning platform or are in the market for free HR recertification credits with SHRM or HRCI. We are an approved provider for HRCI and SHRM, however, Workology’s philosophy is to expand and support HR leaders personally and professionally with training, resources, custom content, and a focus on personal growth. What I’m saying is that while HR recertification is an essential part of career growth in HR, I’m focused on transforming HR leaders and supporting them in their efforts for personal, professional, and transformational organizational growth. HR recertification is a benefit we are offering to our UpSkill HR members. True transformation transcends recertification and our focus is looking at arming HR leaders with resources and support in the form of training, coaching, and mentorship.

Each membership offers a slightly different set of training, support and resources. With Ace the HR Exam and the SHRM Certification Prep Courses, these are focused on providing support and resources as HR leaders work towards their HR certification credentials and exams. Ace the HR Exam Course is my own designed course with over 8 1/2 hours of online learning, more than 600+ HR glossary terms, and 180 HR practice questions for both HRCI and SHRM.

Workology is an approved online provider and facilitator for the SHRM Certification Prep Course and the SHRM Learning System meaning that students receive access to the learning system for 18 months and physical copies as well as over 36 hours of online learning courses to help you pass your SHRM Certification Exams.

UpSkill HR is an expanded offering of our earlier HR Recertification member offering. We’ve expanded this offering going beyond simple HR recertification to offer access to a variety of resources including executive coaching and live training from a host of HR and workplace experts. These live courses and classes are directed by the needs of our UpSkill HR member community.

You’ll learn more about our offerings in the coming days and weeks in addition to other digital and in person events happening this year including two Virtual HR Summits and our first ever 2 day retreat held in beautiful Austin in October called HRetreat. I’m excited to help support HR leaders who want to transform, grow, and evolve. I look forward to connecting with you and talking about how we can work together to upskill HR.

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