7 Things To Read While You Screw Off at Work Today

When I was working in retail HR, today and every holiday season meant all hands on deck. It meant working 11 hour shifts 6 days a week. Knowing I would have little time to do much holiday decorating, I decorated my house with all the holiday trimmings the week before Thanksgiving. I also always volunteered to work on Christmas Eve.

Working outside of retail HR was much different. As a salaried employee on Christmas Eve, I’d stroll into the office at around 10:00 AM taking an early and long lunch at 11:30. My team and I would eat at our favorite place for an extended lunch where we’d return to the office, mess around and then head home early. It was fabulous and totally unproductive. Happy Holidays!

This year I thought I’d make it simple, and put together  list of 7 blogs, articles, resources and videos for you to read and enjoy while you kill time during this Christmas Eve.

7 Things To Read While You Screw Off at Work Today

  • Wife Gave Husband Best Christmas Gift Ever 2 Years After Her Death. I’m a sap and tend to cry when I watch heart warming stories of families and animals during the holidays. This one’s no different and includes video. Click here.
  • List of Employee’s Terminated Because of Social Media. I’ve updated the list to include a PR executive’s racists and offensive tweet that was heard around the world last week which led to her termination. Click here
  • If Executives Aren’t Engaged, Employees Aren’t Either. This article references 2012 Gallup poll results. I’ve shared the Gallup employee survey questions from the past. Click here. You can read the article which provides some great insights as you consider your employee and workplace training and engagement strategies for 2014. Click here.
  • Job Applicant Steals Tip Jar. Interviewing for seasonal workers was always crazy during the holidays. I once had a candidate arrive to an interview drunk and “with his ladies.” I just never had a candidate arrested for stealing after the interview.
  • 24 Celebrities Would Look Like Someone From the Past. I’m a sucker for celebrities and read gossip sites Perez Hilton’s blog religiously. This one’s worth your time. Click here.
  • Girl Sent Note to Her Late Grandma. This is What She Heard Back. As I mentioned, I’m a sucker and this one tugs on the heart strings. Keep the tissue handy. Click here.
  • Why Women in HR Should Be Thrilled About GE’s New CEO. Written by my good friend, Marylene Delbourg-Delphis. It’s great to see executives and CEO’s like GE’s as well as my friend Kat Cole in leadership positions knowing they climbed the ladder having spent a great deal of time in HR. Click here.

Have a great holiday season everyone! Don’t forget to stop by our webinars if you are looking for free HRCI recertification credits before the January 31th recertification deadline by clicking here.

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