6 Elements to the Perfect Job Posting

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This week’s inforgraphic shares the 6 elements of a perfect job listing. With thousands of job requisitions open for even more candidates it’s important to capture the right candidates so you aren’t wasting your time interviewing unqualified people.

6 Elements to the Perfect Job Posting


Branding is one of the most important aspects of a job requistion because it introduces your candidate to your company. First impressions are key when you’re trying to attract the perfect candidate.

Job Description

Have you ever clicked on a marketing job and it’s really a sales job? That will frustrate a job seeker more than anything. Learn to describe your listing perfectly so the candidate is 100% aware of the job when clicking on the listing.


Another way to find the best candidate is to dumb down the requirements and list out in bullets what exactly you’re looking for.

The Perfect Candidate

Know who your perfect candidate is before you even post the listing. That way you have a benchmark to see who aligns better.


Everyone loves perks and knowing perks upfront might persuade them to apply.

Closing the Sale

How are you going to close the sale? This could potentially be the most important aspect of the entire job posting just because it’ll make or break hiring the candidate.

Over on Blogging4Jobs, Mary Wright, discusses how good job descriptions make good hires in a two part series. If you’re struggling on writing out the perfect job description it’s a good read.

What elements of your job listings have you found most effective in sourcing the best candidate? 

Thanks to our friends at OpenReq for this infographic.

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