The Motivation Factors

What in the hell does a psychologist on the west coast know about motivating an employee on the east coast or vice versa?” I have read article after article, study after study, and blog after blog about the most effective ways to motivate an employee.  It appears that motivation has internal and external factors, consists […]

6 Elements to the Perfect Job Posting

Welcome back to Infographic Thursday!  This week’s inforgraphic shares the 6 elements of a perfect job listing. With thousands of job requisitions open for even more candidates it’s important to capture the right candidates so you aren’t wasting your time interviewing unqualified people. 6 Elements to the Perfect Job Posting Branding Branding is one of […]

HR Is One of the Most Important Functions in an Organization

So why has no one received the memo? I’ll be up front with you. My second career is in HR. In the 1980s, I started out as a polymer scientist. I got interested in that era’s Quality movement as a member of my cohort. My mentors were Juran, Demming, and Crosby, and I concentrated on […]