3 Ways to Sell Your Company Culture & Story

The people who tell the best stories land the best jobs.  The job descriptions that tell the best story attract the best people.   The companies that tell the best stories attract these people to their culture.  Culture is a constant work in progress which means your company probably has a story behind the direction they chose.

What are this Chick’s picks for the best ways to tell your company’s story?

3 Ways to sell your company culture and story

Job Descriptions

Words like responsibility, skills, and experience are about as exciting as that TPS Report. Job descriptions that tell a great story attract like minded people to the position.  Toss out your 1993 job description and use job descriptions that reflect the times.  Still think experience is required, especially forthings like working on software?  Millennials are digital natives.  They typically don’t need years of experience to learn new software.  Also, experience was necessary when you needed to look things up in the Enclyopedia.  Now, information is readily available, so experience shouldn’t be weighted as heavily.  Put in your job description questions such as: what are you passionate about, what drives you, or what sort of things make you stop and take a photo.

Company Culture

Replacing the old fridge with a newer model can be part of your story.  Swapping out values that were no longer serving your team and replacing them with new values is part of your story.  Write a blog, post to your company’s social media, re-Vine your customer’s…  There are endless opportunities to writing a corporate culture best seller. Culture is evolutionary.  Because of this lots of great companies keep track of the changes.  This makes for great culture books, a page on your website, or even an invite for the CEO to guest speak to tell your company’s dynamic story.


One of the unique elements to culture is a company’s cultural artifacts.  Artifacts are objects shaped by the people of the company.  In corporate culture, companies  use artifacts to articulate the company’s history so new hires know the corporate past to help shape the cultural future.  Lots of companies have artifacts.  They come in all different forms, each form unique to the distinct culture.

Everyone loves a good story.  Be sure to put yours out there to attract candidates that aren’t just in it because they need a job, but read how the company evolved and want to be a part of the purpose.  Remember that Chick that showed up uninvited to the summer barbecue last year?  Um, me neither, but everybody loves a great story!  Don’t be shy to tell yours.  What are your fave culture, job landing, and job description stories?


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