3 Things You Need To Do at #HRTechConf

3 essential things every HR Tech conference goer should do

In today’s world, technology is a part of everyday life. It’s also an everyday part of recruiting and hiring the best people. So it’s no surprise the Human Resource Technology Conference attracts so many of the top movers and shakers in the hiring space. This year the conference, which takes place this week from October 8th until the 10th in Chicago, has more things to see and do than ever.

As one of the biggest HR conferences, there’s plenty to see at HR Tech. There’s also plenty you might miss if you don’t schedule your time effectively. This is no time to show up without a plan! You always have a strategy for finding great candidates and you should always have a strategy for getting the most out of your conference experience.

3 Things You Need To Do at #HRTechConf

Here are the three essential things every HR Tech conference goer should put on the agenda:

See & Hear the HR Technology Speakers

The HR Tech conference has so many great speakers, talking about so many interesting topics, it can be hard to choose which sessions to attend. “I’ll just go to them all!” you might be thinking to yourself. Don’t even try. You’ll run yourself so ragged trying to get to every single speaker and you’ll miss out on all the fun happening at the conference.

Instead, pick the sessions you have the most interest in and which will be the most useful for your hiring efforts. For instance, if you need to beef up your social media hiring it might be valuable to attend the Third Annual Social Media Panel and find out about the newest tools and techniques. Before stepping foot in the convention center, have a list of speakers you’d like to see prepared. Your packed schedule will thank you. 

Talk To The Vendors in the Expo Hall

With your speaker sessions picked out, you’ll now have time to visit the vendors and see what the newest technology has to offer. Whether it’s video interviewing, social recruiting, or applicant tracking you never know what new technology you might find for your unique hiring needs. Don’t just wander aimlessly around the expo hall, research some of the companies showing their new technology. This way you’ll have insightful and useful questions to ask the representatives when you see them at the conference. With all the technology on display, you never know where you’ll find your next great hiring solution. Click here to see a complete list of HR expo hall vendors.  

Network Your Heart Out!

Seeing talented speakers give insight into the industry is a great reason to attend HR Tech. An even better reason? Networking! These events are amazing opportunities to network with all the movers and shakers in the human resources field. Make sure you have your 30 second elevator pitch ready. This could be your moment to shine and you don’t want to flub an important introduction. Don’t forget to dress professionally and bring plenty of business cards along for the ride. You never know where or when you’ll make a great contact.

But networking isn’t just formal handshakes and swapped business cards. There’s also plenty of fun involved in expanding your network. There are a variety of fun after parties to choose from every day of the conference. Make an appearance at these parties and cut loose a bit. Don’t imbibe too much, but DO enjoy yourself. The new friends you make at these parties can be valuable contacts and important business opportunities.

The HR Technology conference is a great place to learn new information, make new friends, and find your next great hiring tool. This is why it’s important to keep your schedule focused on the events and speakers most important to your unique needs. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun along the way!

What’s on your must-list for the HR Tech Conference in Chicago? Share in the comments!

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