3 Reasons Your Interview Process May Be Costing You Top Talent

The world of work has changed more in the past two years than it has in more than a decade. Now, a quarter of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, with an increase as time goes on. In fact, SHRM did a recent survey of employers that found 87% will continue or begin to embrace a flexible hybrid or remote work model moving forward. That’s a huge change from years past. 

So, if your HR team is one of the many shifting the way you work, it’s time to change recruitment processes along with that shift. If you don’t, you may start losing out on top talent quicker than you’re able to attract them! 

How do you ensure that you’re making the changes necessary to attract top talent in this world of remote work? You first want to look at potential shortfalls like these: 


Your Time to Fill is High Compared to Other Companies


Time to fill doesn’t just impact the financial cost to your business. It also impacts the quality of your hires. 

If your team isn’t providing talent with an update within a week, about one-fourth of candidates lose interest. Plus, nearly 65% of senior candidates have left the interview process because it takes too long to schedule an interview. If your team isn’t responsive or is bogged down by manual processes or staffing issues, you’re going to miss out on the most talented remote candidates. 

This is easily solved with the proper technology in place. Which leads to the next point.


You’re Not Embracing Today’s Technology-First Approach to Hiring


Nearly 90% of employers in the United States are relying on some form of AI for recruitment and interviewing. And it’s not just about efficiency. 

Top remote candidates are tech savvy and want to work for a company who is embracing the latest and greatest technology in their business. If your interview process—their first impression—is not streamlined via comprehensive software and automation, they won’t be impressed. 


You Aren’t Meeting Top Talent Where They’re At


You want to empower your candidates to take control of their interview process. 

If you’re hiring across time zones due to the new globalization of talent, you want to ensure that they have all the tools and power to schedule, accept, or connect with your team, without your team having to reach out to them first. 

These practices, paired with competitive pay, unique benefits, and solid values will allow your team to shine above the fierce competition in the global marketplace today.

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Luke Switkowski

Luke Switkowski is the CEO of Kognitiv and Rooster by Kognitiv. He has shaped the company’s culture to be only beholden to their Team, Clients, and Community. This unique business model allows the Rooster and Kognitiv teams to focus on the long-term relationship with clients, without the worry of meeting investor sales quotas or other short-term business objectives.


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