You Gotta Have Grit for the Game

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“Grit in a batch of spinach makes it inedible, of course.  But worse, far worse, is grit on the assembly line, grit that gets into the finely tuned mechanical pincers…The grit in your spinach is precisely the same grit that we seek out in a leader or a hero.  We measure sandpaper and grindstones in terms of grit – their ability to stand up to resistance.  Someone with grit will grind down the opposition, stand up in the face of criticism, and consistently do what’s right…”

~ Seth Godin


This is the 6th attitude needed to get America back on track!  We need to have “heart” every day we go to work and know what it is we are willing to fight for.  In Seth Godin’s book, The Icarus Deception, he says, “We hesitate to expose our true selves and to speak up to do the work we’re capable of because we fear we don’t have the power to do so.”

Why do you get up and go to work every day?  Obviously we need money to pay our bills and live…but why do you choose to stay in a job you’re struggling to value and appreciate?  Is your job really a mismatch of your personality …Or are you afraid to share your art?

Art is the thing you do best.  It’s what makes you…YOU and sets you apart.  It’s what you bring to the team.

We are in a time of change.  The industrial economy is over and we are now in a time of connection. The industrial system hates grit because it causes trouble and brings the flow of work to a halt.  The industrial system loves compliance, subjugation and the desire to fit in instead of standing out.  The industrialist would call “teamwork” something we do to obey the boss.  The artist would disagree.

To be an Artist you have to have grit and HEART for the game of life.  This is what creates connection and business success!

Let’s focus on one relationship – The one you have with your job.

  • Are you willing to find more value for the job you have, set goals and have a passion for those goals?
  • Are there people out there who you would go out of your way for?  “You have to go out of your way for them and earn the privilege of one day having that connection be worthwhile.” (Seth Godin)

Certainly there are going to be difficult people on the job.  Maybe it will be your boss!  You can’t take it personally.  When it happens though, and they don’t appreciate your heart for the job, lean into acceptance.  Don’t make their attitude problem your problem.  Continue to go out of your way for them.  Let go of your frustration and anxiety.

“There’s a huge difference between the shallow pleasure of instant applause and the long-lasting impact of true connection…It’s difficult to do the less-congratulated work of getting under someone’s skin, of changing the conversation, and of being missed when you’re gone.”  (Seth Godin)

Do You Have a Change of Heart Yet?

Whether we want to admit it or not, work defines us…just a little bit.  It’s a part of who we are and what we stand for.  We can no longer just keep our noses to the grind and be good boys and girls.  We have to look up and look around.  Get out there and share your art…and don’t be afraid to make a mess!

Are you ready for change? 

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Kathleen Mangiafico

Kathleen Mangiafico, ORSCC is a Relationship Specialist. She works with individuals and organizations on how to navigate through cultural and generational conflict. With a mix of corporate/non-profit experience and a 19 yr. culturally rich marriage (with 3 vivacious boys!), she has the expertise to shift your perspective from, "Who's doing what to whom?" to "What's trying to happen for the sake of YOUR business relationship?" Connect with Kathleen.

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