Wired to Connect: The Neuroscience of High-Performing Teams #SHRM2021

Maybe it’s because so many in-person events have been shelved for the past year and a half, but I was really looking forward to #SHRM2021 in Las Vegas last week. And I wasn’t disappointed. This year, there was a mix of virtual and in-person events and so many amazing workshops it was hard to choose which to attend. 

Wired to Connect: The Neuroscience of High-Performing Teams #SHRM2021

One session at SHRM 2021 was an easy pick for me. Dr. Britt Andreatta is the CEO of 7th Mind Inc, a TEDx Speaker and a best-selling author who focuses her research, training and consulting on the subject of neuroscience in the workplace. She presented “Wired to Connect: The Neuroscience of High-Performing Teams” and the description is as follows:

Approximately 90% of today’s workers say they spend one-third to one-half of each day working in teams, yet 86% of executives cite lack of effective teamwork as the source of workplace failures. Recent discoveries in neuroscience provide key principles for maximizing the brain’s capacity to work effectively in teams and create psychological safety, a cornerstone of the best teams. Participants will leave this interactive session with new strategies for creating high-performing teams across all functions of their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

· Learn how certain brain structures are activated when we work in groups and teams.

· Discover how you can help your talent work most effectively in teams, enhancing collaboration and engagement.

· Explore how metrics of inclusion and psychological safety are crucial for high-performing teams.

· Identify ways to intentionally increase the effectiveness of all teams in your organization, including your own.

I interviewed Britt Andreatta in 2017 for the Workology Podcast (Episode 117: How Neuroscience Changes Learning at Work with Britt Andreatta) and it got me interested in neuroscience in a big way – in fact, just this year I completed a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course and am now certified in NLP.

Britt is an amazing speaker and educator because she’s so passionate about uncovering the reasons why our brains do what they do, how we can change habits by understanding the science of behavior, and how we are wired to perform or behave in the workplace. Want to know more? Check out Britt’s TEDx talk on how our human wiring to survive and belong can hijack our success, both professionally and personally.



– www.brittandreatta.com

– Britt Andreatta on LinkedIn

– Episode 117: How Neuroscience Changes Learning at Work with Britt Andreatta

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