The types of players you will find at the casino

Casinos are an extremely popular pastime all over the world and since the internet came along, online casinos are all the rage. It is not hard to see why many people prefer to play digitally, as opposed to in person. 

The types of players you will find at the casino

At an online casino, you get all of the great features of a brick-and-mortar venur with one key difference: you don’t have to leave your sofa. That is not the only reason online casinos are increasingly prevalent either. 

Availability: Not everyone lives near a casino. For these people, online casinos are the only choice they have to get their casino fun. 

Bonuses: Another key reason for online casinos’ success is the welcome bonuses they offer players. These can include deposits, free spins on slot games and much more. 

Choice of games: There are only so many games you can fit inside a physical casino. Online, this is not an issue with most operators offering thousands of different titles. 

Customer service: Because competition is so fierce in the online casino sphere, every customer is cherished. This means you are treated like royalty. 

Of course, despite all these advantages some players still prefer the ‘real thing’ to an online casino. Even if you are digitally inclined, you should still experience the buzz of a real casino at least once.

There is nothing like the feel of the velvet on the tables, the noise celebrating winners and the same of food and drink. If you have never experienced this before, you may be wondering what you can expect. 

Well, wonder no more as we reveal some of the typical characters you will run into at every casino in the world. 


The Novice

Right now, you might fall into the category! It is not hard to identify a novice player in a casino. Wide-eyed stairs? Check. Nervously waiting to join a game? Check. Fumbling around to find the bar? Check. 

You should never judge the novice, though. We all had to start somewhere, right? 

As a general, you will find novices at the slot machines. Why? Well, these games are the easiest to play from the outset, making them well-suited to beginners. However, if you are a novice yourself, there is no reason why you cannot turn your hand to table games or even poker. 

Generally speaking the dealers will be more than happy to help — even if some of the other types of players we’ve included on this list may not be!


Slots-only Players

Slots wizards — and witches — are a common group to find at the casino. Unsurprisingly, you will find these guys in the slots section, equipped with plenty of buckets to carry their winnings. 

Slots-only players tend to be fairly new to casinos. As we mentioned above, this is the easiest game to both understand and get going with straight away in the entire casino. 

As a result, some players can struggle to wean themselves off the slot machines and move onto the tables. Eventually though, most players like to freshen it up and as they build confidence, they move away from their natural habitat. 


The Wildcard

The Wildcard is hard to predict and even harder to understand. These players can be found trundling around the casino, seemingly at random, dipping their hand into all manner of games. 

These types of gamers can often be found in resorts like Las Vegas. They lack the experience to stick with one game, but also want to hide the fact that they are a casino novice. 

Wildcards can sometimes win big, but more often their scattergun approach does not prove fruitful. Still, they’re great fun to watch when you’re not playing!


The Angry Player

You will likely hear the angry player before you see them… 

They will likely be at the tables playing blackjack, baccarat or roulette. When they lose, they will have every excuse in the book ready for why they were not successful. 

This can even extend to blaming the dealer or, even more annoying, other players. It is best to steer clear of The Angry Player but if they are causing you discomfort, be sure to report them to the casino. 

They usually have a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour and will be able to back you up. It’s certainly safer than trying to solve the situation yourself. 


Cool as a Cucumber

You will find these customers at the poker table more often than not. They are impossible to read and never get worked up, regardless of whether they are winning or losing. 

When the game is over, they simply walk out calmly without so much of a goodbye. These cool characters can be fascinating to observe in the heat of battle at the poker table.


Types of Dealers 

As well as the player fitting into easy-to-identify categories, the dealers in the casino also come in distinctly different flavours. 

There are shy dealers, who get the job done without making small talk. This can be good for experienced players, but frustrating for anyone who needs further instruction. 

Then there are impatient dealers. These guys have been doing the job for years and might get annoyed if you take too long placing your bets. 

What you are looking for is a friendly dealer, who explains things carefully with a smile on their face. Fortunately, this is the most common type of dealer in our experience. 

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