Tango Card’s Rewards Genius Takes Employee Engagement to the Next Level

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In the world of HR, we’re always looking for new ways to reward and recognize our employees, particularly in the past year as we’ve worked so hard to engage our dispersed workforce and keep morale and retention high. We want to have engagement high on our list, but since the onset of a global pandemic, HR leaders have been so focused on working quickly to ensure that our newly remote workforce has all the tools they need to do their jobs that many of us have seen a rise in disengaged employees. When a company has a disengaged workforce, it has to work even harder to re-engage them, and the cycle continues. 

Tango Card’s Rewards Genius Takes Employee Engagement to the Next Level

When it comes to engagement through rewards and recognition, hiring managers want to know how they can recognize and reward their team members, and HR wants to be able to give them a solution to do so. This is where Tango Card comes in. 

Tango Card’s Rewards Genius and Reward Link applications are dedicated to making these easy to send and receive.


How Tango Card Supports Your Rewards Programs

Why digital gift cards? There are clear advantages that can simplify your rewards program. When you work with Tango Card, the need to manually track and log the gift cards you offer to employees is eliminated because they provide the Rewards Genius dashboard and the data.


Tango Card’s applications have built-in reporting, making it easy for HR, payroll, and benefits professionals to pull reports on a regular basis. Tracking is easy for accounting and payroll.

Tango Card’s rewards program fits budgets for any company size. Working with Tango Card is free, so from a budget standpoint, the amount you spend on your program is up to you. There are no fees, so 100% of your budget goes to the reward. You don’t even need a large budget for your program to be successful. Tango Card has had success with its own internal peer-to-peer recognition program using $10 digital gift cards.

For employers, customization is key. With Reward Link, you can create a customized email template, multiple types of rewards programs and budget allocations for each, and branded with your logo and messaging. Your company administrator can track when recipients use the rewards and re-send the link to remind recipients that their award is waiting. 

Building an Employee Engagement Program That Works For You 

Here’s one of the coolest things about the Rewards Genius application: You don’t have to wrack your brain coming up with gift ideas for employees. Small batch coffee and a company mug is a great gift…unless you have employees who don’t drink coffee (they exist). Even gift cards, for example, sending DoorDash cards to employees so they can order for a virtual work celebration, may not be useful for employees who live in limited delivery areas. Basically, when it comes to receiving rewards, your employees love having a choice and the ability to choose is exactly what gift cards provide. They arrive instantly, making recipient satisfaction immediate. On your end, the ability to instantly reach your employees—including those living and working internationally—adds convenience and ease.

The Reward Link application gives your employees a reward and a choice, taking the guesswork out of the picture for you and your team. Any hiring manager, team leader, or even fellow employees can sign up for a free account and send an instant link to the recipient (this is where customization can make it fun!) so they can choose their preferred gift card.

The Reward Link doesn’t expire – even if an employee has left the organization. I love this aspect of the platform because your employees don’t have to make a decision about how to use their reward or choose a gift card right away, and your account administrator can review reports and send out reminders to employees that their gift is waiting.

Finally, customer support is standing by for you and your team AND for your employees. You and your team don’t have to field “how do I do this” questions because Tango Card has customer support for redemption questions or troubleshooting technical issues.

There are a lot of things that make Tango Card outstanding and I’ve only touched on the basics here. Interested in more information? Click here to speak with Tango Card to learn how they can help you create a rewards-focused employee engagement and recognition program. 

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