Review: Culture Amp Helps Solve the Greatest Workplace Mysteries with Data

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One of the greatest workplace mysteries is employee engagement: it’s challenging to understand what drives performance, satisfaction, and happiness at work. To add some context, it’s worth noting that G2 article states, 66% of HR employees believe that employee engagement has increased over the past year, yet only 34% of non-HR employees feel more engaged over the same time period.

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of seeing a demo of the People and Culture platform, Culture Amp. Having been present on thousands of demos over the last 10 years, I continue to be incredibly impressed with Culture Amp. They are a company that drinks their own champagne and are committed to creating a technology platform that goes beyond traditional employee surveys- They give managers and HR leaders up to the second insight into their employee engagement levels and trends.

As I mentioned, employee engagement is never static. Engagement levels can ebb and flow even multiple times a week. Traditional engagement surveys provide a snapshot in time, measuring levels much like a dam. The Culture Amp platform is different, it offers ongoing intuitive checks and balances for employees at all levels within an organization.

Driving Awareness and Education on Turnover Trends and Manager Impact

One of my favorite features in Culture Amp’s platform is turnover analysis. Their reporting is different than traditional broad turnover metrics and formulas. You have the ability to customize your reporting and analysis and focus on employee groups filtered by a manager, project group, tenure, and more. This Predictive Analytics is valuable to forecast the future of your organization. 

You and I know that when it comes to turnover, HR often has little to no control over the culture or work environment of individual teams or projects group. For years, I have unsuccessfully tried to help my management team understand the responsibility of creating a thriving workplace culture as well as reducing employee turnover.

Culture Amp’s platform and reporting allow managers to understand where turnover could be happening and where at-risk areas, groups, and departments are. This creates a sense of ownership by leaders as well as increased awareness and understanding, which I wasn’t able to get across before Culture Amp.


Creating a Culture of Ownership Across the Organization

The easy-to-use dashboard makes the impact of engagement levels and turnover easy to visualize, which helps get the point across to leaders and managers. Using Culture Amp’s algorithm, the technology can help managers identify focus areas and activities that will create the most impact.

Managers are able to easily select a focus for their employee engagement efforts. Culture Amp provides suggested actions as well as inspiration and resources, tapping into the collective intelligence of 2000+ customers. For companies who are still working on culture ownership by leaders, HR has the ability to customize the management experience to set the goals and focus areas.

Employee Surveys and Analysis Supercharged

With more than 31,000 surveys launched and 165,000,000 questions answered, Culture Amp platform allows you to tap into the collective intelligence of 2000+ customers.  Their benchmarks are built on real-time customer insights which offer your team unique resources that can truly make an impact on employee engagement levels.

In addition to simple quick response surveys, the comments feature offers even more support and information. Using natural language processing, employee responses provide analysis and in-depth information to help you track progress, identify teams that may be struggling and analyze the emotional tone of employee comments.

Culture Amp, more than anything, wants to help companies make their workplace experiences better for employees. Doing so has a broad reach impacting not only people at an organization but also impacting an employee’s life outside of work.   

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