Recruiting in Down Times

Lesson on Recruiting in Hard Times

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Recruiting in Down Times

By: Fred Vallejo

Not every recruiter has been in business during serious “down times.” But there are a few lessons to be learned from those who have. Lessons that will help you weather the bad times.

Lesson No. 1: Employers are more cost conscious. Expect more pressure to reduce your fee. As more recruiters fight over fewer jobs, look to distinguish yourself from your competition – bringing value-added to your services – and keep your fee where it should be.

Lesson No. 2: Pay attention to your personal ROI. You’re likely not to have as many positions to work on. So become more selective about which assignments you take. Go with those that will give you’re the greatest return on your investment – of time and effort.

Lesson No. 3:
Thoroughly understand a client’s hiring priorities. Put resources (both time and money) into filling the highest priorities first, the less important positions second, the least important last. Be wary of the employer who says, “They’re all top priorities.” Some positions are more important than others.

Lesson No. 4: Cash flow matters. Learn to make cuts in your budget or control your business spending. Otherwise, you can become the proverbial gerbil on an exercise wheel: running, running, running – and getting nowhere except more stressed about making financial ends meet.

Lesson No. 5: The silver lining. When times get tough, the weak get washed out. It’s a matter of workplace evolution. So if you’re a dedicated, professional recruiter, realize that during down times you can actually find ways to enhance your reputation and build market-share. When the economy returns to normal, you’ll be positioned to excel.

No question, tough economic times aren’t a lot of fun. However, they can be a powerful teacher. You’ll learn more about your strengths and more about your weaknesses. You’ll learn how to work not only harder, but smarter. Best of all, you’ll be prepared to minimize the impact when the economy next hits the skids.

Fred Vallejo, Senior VP Marketing, Prospector Group, Inc.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

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