LinkedIn is Listening: Impressive New and Returning Features

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It’s always a beautiful thing when a large company listens to customers. But what about listening to free users of your site? LinkedIn is doing just that.  The company is adding features as well as returning redacted features to satisfy non-paying users.

LinkedIn is Listening: Impressive New and Returning Features


This is a partial list of the free user features that are new or returning:

Customize Your Notifications

Do you like to say “Happy Birthday” on LinkedIn or wish it would disappear from your feed? You now have the choice of customizing your notification feed such as work anniversaries, job changes, and birthdays. I personally don’t use the birthday notification, but my client in the hotel business loves it. You will have more control on the types of notifications that are meaningful for you and your business.

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Trending Storylines

I am super excited about this new feature. LinkedIn is going to curate and display interest-based feeds around developing stories in your industry. It will be located in the HOME tab. Many of us consume our news on LinkedIn now, but this feature should be a big boost for site engagement.

Search Tools

LinkedIn added back search instruments such as Saved Searches; Boolean and text field search (First name, last name, school, and company). I noticed many user comments on this topic over the last several months, so this is a welcome change.

Article Comments

You can now manage the comments on your long form LinkedIn articles, by enabling or disabling the comments. I guess this is important for some people, but most of us who publish like to get lots of comments, likes and shares on our articles.

Home Feed Views

In the old interface, a user could view content as “Top” or “Recent.” LinkedIn removed the option with the new interface, but it will be returning! I used this feature regularly, so I am quite jubilant to see it returning. The funny thing is that most average LinkedIn users never even realized this feature existed. In my LinkedIn classes, this was always a revelation for most.

Photo Filters and Editing

Crop and enhance your profile photo on the LinkedIn mobile app. I haven’t tried this feature, but I think this is perfect for the millions of college students and new graduates joining LinkedIn. These Instagram loving Millennials will latch onto this feature quickly.

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Publishing Insights

LinkedIn is going to make the publishing process easier and provide more insight around the article shares and comments. This makes sense to me. People who take the time to write and publish love to see the results.

Expandable Profiles

The new interface changed the profile view in many ways early this year. Sections are now truncated for example. LinkedIn is planning to make the profile more easily expandable with an easier viewing of past and present positions, recommendations, and groups joined. All of this sounds good. The recommendations are especially in need of some love from LinkedIn.

Change is here to stay with LinkedIn.  In my opinion, they continue to bring more value to users – both paid and free. The key is learning how to leverage the platform. So if your personal brand and network are important to you, take the time to master LinkedIn this year!

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Sandra Long

Sandra Long is the author of the bestselling book LinkedIn For Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide. She is also the managing partner of Post Road Consulting LLC. Sandra and her team work with corporations, universities, and individuals to drive successful sales, career, and talent acquisition results.

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  1. D Temin says

    Thanks for this article; it is good to see that at least a few of the things LinkedIn needs to attend to are being acted upon. I would however like to strongly disagree with your somewhat specious appellation of “free” and “paid” users. This is a dangerous distinction. LinkedIn build its valuation on the information shared by its customers — all its customers…and while they did not pay in dollars, they paid in information…just as we are still doing. The same holds true with Facebook and with Twitter…though perhaps not with Microsoft, where perhaps you are getting this insulting way of categorizing users. Believe me, if all the non-paying customers were not freely sharing their information on this platform NO ONE WOULD CARE about it. So, whether one chooses to pay extra…we are all providing our data, and that HAS VALUE. And truthfully, I don’t find it “amazing” or “impressive.” LinkedIn has been doing the minimum for a while…and simply instituting a few changes is necessary, but hardly sufficient for it to regain its former dominance and glory. A lot more listening, and change is needed.

  2. Gregory Marvin says

    First of all Amen to D Temin comments following Sandra Long’s article.. These features are great but many in Sandra’s article such as the photo editing are only available to Premium Subscribers. LinkedIn and the Google family seem to derive pleasure in making subscribers (paid and free) guess at what features are included, turned on/ off regardless of subscription type. This behavior is what drives social media users to look for alternatives as other former internet providers have painfully learned.

    • Laura Ciriani says

      As a non premium user, I can testify that image Filters are available on the mobile iPhone app for users without premium paid subscription.

  3. Sandra Long says

    Hello D, Gregory and Frank,

    Thank you all for leaving your thoughts and comments. I do agree that the data provided by users is extremely valuable – so thanks for making that point D. However, I still remain impressed with the turn around they have done to bring back features that are not actually paid for in dollars.. Yes, they are a big company now, but I am pleased with the changes and understand they have to operate as a company.

    Gregory, I am not sure what you mean about the photo editing only be for premium. It is my understanding that it is available for everyone. Find it on your mobile phone.

    Thank you to all – Sandra

  4. Panagiotis Christopoulos says

    What about statistics on profile views as diagrams the way they were?
    What about rankings also? It was fun to see how you ranked against others in your company.

    It would be great if those features were back!


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