Is It Time to Work With a Recruiter?

is it time to work with a recruiter?

Is It Time to Work With a Recruiter? 

As an HR or business professional, you likely wear a lot of hats and have multiple conflicting priorities. With your essential role in day-to-day operations and your responsibilities to existing staff, hiring can easily fall to the bottom of the list. Sound like you? “Hiring is very time consuming” is a statement often heard by HR professionals. Here’s why it may be time to work with a recruiter.

Return on Investment

Consider the cost and impact the open role has on your business. Does a vacancy always mean savings? You may be saving the 50K a year for the vacant role’s salary, but if that role is responsible for sales, client satisfaction, production etc., then you may be losing more than that 50K. In these cases, expediting the hiring process may be well worth the cost. Partnering with a recruiter will enable you extend your brand in the marketplace when you don’t have the time to.

Targeted Messaging

Don’t post and pray. I’m sure you’d heard this saying before! Do you throw an ad on Indeed and hope the right person applies? If this is how you’re currently recruiting, think about the value a recruiter may bring when it comes to resources and industry knowledge such as access and subscriptions to industry-specific job boards, memberships to professional affiliations for networking, and their own network of professionals and local partnerships. A recruiter will also make sure their advertisements are written for the target market, such as using common titles and industry jargon that your target candidate will be attracted to. A recruiter will use various sources to go and find you the right person so you don’t have to wait for them to apply!

Tools and Experience

Do you have the right tools to be recruiting effectively? A few examples are LinkedIn licenses which can be used for passive sourcing, knowledge of Boolean search logic, access to labor market data, and sales skills. A good recruiter has a tool box of knowledge and past experiences in recruiting specifically to assist you with anything from discovering your true needs, to determining market pay, to posting/sourcing strategy and closing the deal with the candidate.

Brand Reinforcement

Always remember the power of your employer brand. Something as small as taking two weeks to respond when someone applies can tarnish what candidates think about your organization. Your recruiter’s job is to work on your openings! Remember the importance of partnering with a recruiter and developing a relationship with them as opposed to having multiple agencies work on the position at the same time. If you spend time to connect the recruiter with your culture, team, benefits etc., the more effective they will be at finding candidates that are a good match. Your recruiter can also help you provide information and coaching to hiring managers and interviewers on effective hiring processes.

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